What would life be?

Today’s Much Love Monday is brought to you by ABBA with Thank You For The Music. It’s kind of appropriate since music is often the inspiration for whatever cheers me up on a Monday morning.

When you grow up in the Seventies, it becomes kind of impossible not to be infected by the joys and pains of the behemoth of 70s Euro-Disco. I guess this is why it’s had such popularity with so many Generation Xers. I can’t remember a party without Super Trooper. That was just how it was.

In England, the ABBA phenomenon undoubtedly sparked the Bucks Fizz phenomenon. It might not have been a phenomenon where you are, but for an 8 year old girl in England, Bucks Fizz winning the Eurovision song contest in 1981 was the highlight of my man-made-fibres decade.

Let’s face it. In England, the run-up to Waterloo, to Glam Rock in general, well, life had been gloomy. Gone was Biba and Quant England and here were electricity shortages, miners’ strikes, brown-outs, three-day weeks, maxi skirts and brown corduroy. We needed a little Scandinavian sunshine.

Still, we’re cold for the beginning of March, though it is just starting to warm up. Today is the first day of predictions suggesting a whopping 16 degrees. I might nip out and sunbathe. It’s the first time it’s crossed 15 degrees – even in the sun a couple of weeks ago. Mind you, last year, from 13 April to the 6 May, it did not rise above 15 degrees. Hopefully, this time, spring will warm us up properly.



Much Love also to lots of lovely friends. One brought me a piece of Double Gloucester and some Red Leicester. Another fed me tea on her soon-to-be terrace.

The best of all, knowing Heston a certain dog who shall remain nameless had eaten a part of my electric blanket, a wonderful lady got me another one. I was so happy I had a little tear. That’s how much I love electric blankets. In fact, when the beast chewed it, I cried and told him it was the only thing in the house that I loved.


That’s almost as melodramatic as when pulled over by a police car, I cried so much that he not only let me off but told me he’d had enough of my sob-story.

“It’s not a sob story. It’s my life!” I wept.

That’ll teach me to eat and drive. Still, he was good-natured enough to let me off.

Still, the Hestonbiest is no longer allowed in my bedroom without supervision and is now banned from the kitchen following a little party he had with a box of lentils and some rice. He does know how to have fun when I’m not here. Now he’s down to one room that just has his own toys in it. Dogs are hard work sometimes.

However, one glimpse of him careering through the garden is enough to make anyone smile. And the other one, well, she’s great at cuddles.

Hope you are having a superb Monday. If you’re in France, I bet your mood is somewhat lifted by today’s sunshine. I even opened my bedroom window to let the warmth in and the cold out!



4 thoughts on “What would life be?

  1. Only a high of 9°C today but the sun is shining, which makes up for a lot…

    When we moved here, we came home to the (still empty) kitchen-dining-living room under a thick layer of combined flour and chocolate powder – thanks to Alina. It looked like she’d grabbed the packets and “killed” them for it to get everywhere like that. Then she ate some of it and blew up like a balloon, so had to have an X-ray and charcoal tablets shoved down her throat… not nice, but at least she survived!! And will still steal anything that smells remotely of chocolate. Sigh.

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