I’m laughing at clouds

With all this persistence of rain, could anything be more appropriate for Much Love Monday than Gene Kelly and Singin’ in the Rain?

If I hadn’t already given Heston a name, I would call him Gene, because he definitely likes splashing in a puddle or two. It’s like a drug to him. If he sees water, he must gallop into it at full speed, skip around in it, play chase it, play bow to it and then try and splash everyone else as they come past. As you can tell, he’s loving the garden being under water.

It rained pretty much constantly from Saturday evening through to Sunday evening, and what had been a big puddle turned into a small lake. It’s up to the barn now. There better not be any more of that wet stuff otherwise I’ll have to go and live in the attic space.

What was once this:

054Is now this:



Oh well.

And Saturday’s less-wet fields now look like this:



If there’s a good freeze now, I’ll be able to skate over it.

Some météo programme I watched said it had been the darkest January in 60 years here. There were fewer hours of sunlight than every other January I’ve been alive. I went all Morlock (apart from eating the happy Eloi creatures) living in the dark and doing little other than work and walk the Hestonbiest.

The five or six walks we’ve been on, I’ve come home soaking wet from thigh down to ankle – must get some Sprayway pants. I used to borrow Steve’s and they’re very useful indeed.

I’m currently coveting these gorgeous things:

It’s not too bad being in the rain if you’re suitably attired. My boots are dry, my feet are dry, my body is dry. My legs get wet. Plus, I need a hood. My waterproof coat does not have a hood or hat. That’s a little silly. My showerproof coat has a hood, but it’s not waterproof. You really learn the difference between waterproof and showerproof when you’re out in a rainstorm. One means you get home dry. The other means you ought not to have bothered.

Anyway, with all this abundance of rain, I am hoping for an excellent growing season. My cistern is practically full. I’ll have to drain some water out if it doesn’t stop raining in the next couple of days. I just want things to dry out a little now. Including me.

I’ve now finished one great big work project for all intents and purposes – the GCSE marking – and it’s now just time to soak up any last papers and make a quick buck here and there. Well, not so quick, and not so much of it. Oh well. Better than a kick in the teeth, and what else would I have been doing in this damp? Tomorrow, I start another largeish month-long project, but it is also holidays for children in our region from 16th February, so a few of my usual lessons will be cancelled for ski trips and outings and family time.

So, Much Love to:

  • water-happy dogs
  • Gene Kelly
  • sprayway
  • a high water table for once
  • replenishment
  • finishing the cursed marking
  • the approaching holidays
  • Spring, which doesn’t seem to be getting closer, but it so is
  • waking up at 7 and it beginning to be light – that’s the first time it’s been anything other than pitch black at 7am for weeks.

Luckily, the sun is out this morning – a little – and I might be able to get in a fairly dry walk. I doubt it though. On several of those walks, it started raining as soon as I left the house and stopped the moment I got home. That’s just devilment.

Have a lovely Monday wherever you are. I hope the darkness and murk breaks a little to give you some sun if it’s cloudy where you are.




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