Sundays, streams and frosts

Apologies for the absence – it’s marking season and I’ve been connected via digits and retinas to the computer for not-so-fun activities. Still, since the weather has been so bad, it’s not given me too much heartache. I can get a fire going, sit in front of it with my laptop and mark away until I get fatigue. That happens very quickly these days. Plus, I’ve had a lot of other stuff on, including delivering a session on how to teach bilingual children to read in English. Oh, and deliveries.

Another thing that’s driving me crazy is that I had a really good CD of classical music that used to really keep me going through the marking, but it’s lost. Boo. No other music will do.

So, here’s the weekend in seven shots…

DSCF3136Frosty fields and standing water…

DSCF3142Curious George..

DSCF3148Early morning sunshine… A little different than the grey that’s been sitting over us for the past who knows how long…

DSCF3153Polytunnel waiting for summer…

DSCF3135Garden still under water. Not standing water, any more though, since the Bellonne river has returned. It usually sinks into a karst near Taponnat, some 7 or 8 km away. The only place you can really see it over here is on the road from Agris to Chasseneuil, where the road curves down into the valley. The Bellonne is marked, but I’ve never seen it run there. Now, you can see the river running through the field on the other side of mine. It goes through my garden, under the troll bridge, into the field and then into the Tardoire.

DSCF3160Obviously, it’s not deep, but it still runs pretty fast.

And yet it’s still raining. Oh well. Nothing’s growing and Heston loves playing in it.

DSCF3145Last… some leftover carrots!



4 thoughts on “Sundays, streams and frosts

  1. I missed your blog. I love( and honesty kicks in) most of your photographs. Today I sowed a few tomatos and peppers. I know that you are always EXTRA…but, spring MUST be round the corner.

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