Do you chit?

Giddy LJ has just scored herself some potatoes to chit from her local garden centre.

You just know how much I love this time of year, despite how cold it is and despite the fact that the weather looks like it will barely scrape its way over 2 degrees in the next week. It’s been so cold today that I thought the only warm place might actually be in the fire. Even being right up next to it, even though it was roaring, wasn’t warm enough.

Mind you, this was the weather on Wednesday morning at 8:30…


I’m also still unwell a bit. How has this happened? I got a bad cold on the 21st December, was just recovering by the 27th, got some gastric bug on the 28th December which tore the energy out of my very bones right through til just after new year, and then, joy of joys, just when I was recovering, I got another lovely cold in the first week of January. I’m still a little sickly, a little weak, a little tired. I go from being too hot to too cold. Je ne suis pas dans mon assiette, as the French say. I’m not in my plate. I’m out of sorts and a bit meh.

I’d gone to brico Leclerc to get a new collar for Heston. His old one is too small now and it is too tight, on its biggest setting. I also needed some cauliflower seeds and some soil. Then I saw the lady putting them out and I got all giddy. I bet I was the first person through with my spuds. I’m sure I could hear them laughing behind me.

I bought three packs of 1.5kgs. I might buy more, it depends. I bought a pack of Sirtema, good for chips apparently. I bought a pack of Cherie, because they sounded cute, and a pack of Charlottes. You might laugh at me for buying potatoes with a cool name, but one year I bought some called Samba, just because they sounded good. I had Sirtema last year I think, but for the life of me, I can’t find details of what they were. Oh well. As soon as Jardiland get theirs, I might go and have a root around there too. It feels like a potato kind of a year. When we first arrived here in April 2010, it was practically the first thing I did. We got this harvest that year – about 7kg.


I’m glad I got a bit of digging in before the ground hardened up. Paying it forward. You get a bit of time and it’s just right to get the jobs in.


It was 10° for the first time inside today. It’s not been that in the morning for ages. Usually, it’s 11 or 12° and when the fire has been on a couple of hours, it’s 18° or even 19°. So, I’m off to get a fire on, let the chickens out and try and not think about how warm my bed is. The bad thing about this new laptop is that I could quite easily take it back to bed and go and mark online in bed, sandwiched between two duvets and an electric blanket.

All I can think about is how glad I am that it is not (yet?) as cold as it was last year.

10 thoughts on “Do you chit?

  1. Hi Emma You should have said you needed a dog collar – could have made you one ! I’m one of the ladies that came to your talk and now I have set up my website and am working myself up to a blog (painful!) See what you think – Thanks for the inspiration Best Wishes Karen

    1. I’m sure he’d look mighty fine in a lovely collar! Only problem is that his mane is so big and shaggy now that you can’t see it! I will have to have a good look through yours and see what I can see for him!

  2. I don’t chit, as RHS research showed it makes no difference. However, everyone else I know does. The only variety of potato I plant is one that is sold in France as Prospère (aka Stemster). This is because of my water issues at the potager. Stemster does well in the dry and I don’t water the potatoes.

    1. I’m lucky to have a HUGE citerne and a couple of puits that I can use for water. Last year, I barely watered anything. The year before, it was all used up by July. You can’t tell how the year will be. I might get some prospère and see how they do… though, having just been given THE most amount of seeds ever, I’m not sure I’ll have the space!

    1. It’s where you try to get the seed potato to sprout before you plant it. It’s apparently a way of getting the best out of them, but as Susan points out, it’s a bit of a waste of time and makes no difference to putting them in the ground as they are. However, since I’ve been itching since November to get going, I chit my potatoes because I am too giddy to be doing something, even if it is a bit pointless.

      1. i should add that we didn’t buy potatoes to chit. we used the old ones from last year. we also cut each eye(sprout) to plant. they go farther that way. my parents went through the depression. waste not, want not. some of it rubbed off on me we had a flower shop when i was a child. i grew potatoes indoors in big pots or tubs during the winter. something to do if you are bored. lol.billy

      2. our potatoes would always be smaller than 4 cm in diameter, some as small as peas. just wash and cook the little ones. they can be peeled with a brush and water, but why bother? billy

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