Tubes, turmeric and capes

In the French supermarkets in January, you’ll always find loads of special offers on for spring cleaning products. Obviously, they don’t wait until after the spring has sprung to do it, as we do in the UK. Maybe, with the decorations put away and the pine needles everywhere, with inches of fire dust and dirt everywhere, they feel like they need to clean up. I know I do.

This January, I am having a declutter challenge time, which you can see at Slow Your Home. There is a monthly challenge, which I am doing. It’s amazing that although I moved here having spent the whole year selling off things I didn’t want to bring with me, limiting my things to a couple of van loads of stuff, I’ve still got things I don’t use or need. Many of those are books or clothes, and that is not so much about decluttering as it is about getting things unpacked and tidy. I left behind a couple of bookshelves, and a few fixed wall shelves, and I’ve just not got around to sorting it all out yet. I so want a book niche.

I’ve also been reading that it is the Tube’s 150th birthday. The Telegraph had a series of 150 facts about the Tube which tickled me. I love random information. It’s partly why I love QI so much. Plus I have a soft spot for Stephen Fry, as so many must do. He has an army of twitter followers. So, in essence then, an army of middle-class women between 24 and 44. Me then. I like the fact that Aldgate Station is built on a plague pit. It’s always the gruesome details that are memorable.

Another article I’ve been thinking about is this one about what you can grow to make you healthier. I follow Veggies Only blog and really thought the turmeric looked like a cool thing to grow. I’m a turmeric fan, so I definitely fancy having a go at growing it. Her turmeric tea looks fantastic.

I am obviously missing Game of Thrones, because I’ve gone cape-mental. I love a bit of cape action. My mum had a purple velvet one that I ‘acquired’ and used to wear about town when I was a teen. Twilight fans had nothing on me. I also had a black velvet one that I sewed silver sequins on. The fashion police were called.

Look at this beautiful cape from Vogue:

Capes, boots, moorland. What more could a girl ask for?

There are more gorgeous capes in this article from Fashion Gone Rogue with pictures from Spanish Vogue. It is just like the Spanish to go wandering about mountains in inappropriate shoes. They’re practically the only nation you will find up a mountain in four-inch spike heels, a pencil skirt and a lacy off-the-shoulder number, carrying a baby. Totally inappropriate ramblers, the Spanish.

It’s a glorious day, so I’m off out for a couple of hours in wellies… pruning and digging. Catch you all later.

4 thoughts on “Tubes, turmeric and capes

  1. I’m off in a minute to do the same. I’m a bit concerned that you’ve chosen a cape photo featuring a Victoria Beckham lookalike, when you are always so hard on Keira Knightley. Same school of smacked in the face with a plank blankness (although I have a certain admiration for VB in fact — she’s very clear about who she is and what she’s doing).

    1. It was the cape rather than the model who appealed, I have to say. But yes, VB also gets on my wick, although no-one can doubt her determination for anything. I just hate her pouting. It’s so unnecessary. However, she smiles like Cherie Blair, so it’s no wonder she stopped.

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