What else did I achieve in 2012?

I’m up to 41-50 out of 93 resolutions. I must be the craziest resolution maker in the world. In 2011, I made these resolutions:

41. Plant two new fruit trees. I planted another apple and another cherry. This year better give me some actual fruit. I fear, with all the insects flying around today, that there will be another dearth of insects come real spring and I’ll be pollinating with a paintbrush. 

42. Organise a party for my 40th Birthday… it will be here, on the 15th December, 2012. Clear your diaries, book a room with me! I WILL have the best-laid birthday feast, I promise! Well, I didn’t organise it. Okay, I organised six of them so far. I have Madame Verity to thank for achieving this one. And it was the most memorable and fun birthday of my life. Yay!!


43. Repurpose Steve’s old bed in the garden. Oh will you see! I dismantled the bed, set up the soil but didn’t finish the planting. It’ll happen. One to carry forward! 

44. Work on the ‘small steps’, petit à petit, l’oiseau fait son nid…  I have no idea what I meant here. I think I was being crazy.

45. Make some more bird-houses (you’ll see those too!) I made some. I will make more! 


46. Get busy with the festivating and make lots of home-made ornaments. This year’s were a winner! Yay! I even got a tree up this year!

Christmas collage

47. Propagate succulents


48. Have 10 hammock days


49. Finally get over to the Cote d’Argent. I didn’t get there, but I did go to St Palais for the day. Next time, I’m taking the dogs and camping overnight. Mimizan-Plage, you are mine!


50. Make my feet look nice again

Lovely lady feet!
Lovely lady feet!

That’s not bad going. I can see where I’ve spent my time this year, and if there were to be a toss-up between painting a ceiling and having an actual rest in a hammock, well, I know which one I’m glad I did. The ceiling will always need painting!



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