Chick rock

I’m obviously spending most of the prelude to Christmas buried ear-deep in Christmas songs. Anyone who knows me knows I love the festive season.

Anyway, as a bit of a break from that, I thought I would have a big Much Love Monday love-in for all the big-haired girls in the world, courtesy of Ms Lita Ford circa 1984.

Not just the big-haired girls either. Much Love to all the girls in my life who buy me chocolate, who give me amazing and cool gifts, who send me parcels from other countries that are filled with my favourite sweets and stripper videos and crazy warm pyjamas and beautiful glass hearts and rainhats and Toffee Crisps. Much Love to the ladies who give me little pick-me-up mince pies and pieces of Christmas cake and never laugh at me when I turn up at their house in my pyjamas. Much Love to the women who worry about me and think about me and care about me.

I can’t think how any girl can live without girlfriends. I know of some women so lacking in self-esteem that they have no close girlfriends. In their quest for popularity or love or whatever it is that they think they will get from being nasty, they resort to Mean Girls’ behaviour. Not only is it massively counter-productive to be bitchy to other ladies, it’s also completely unnecessary. Most people I know are their own biggest critic; they certainly don’t need some mealy-mouthed, neurotic, sourpuss-fishwife running them down.

Without my girls, I would be sad, lonely, depressed, anxious, alone… who would laugh at me when I turn up with soot on my face or a twig in my hair? Who would coo at all my pinterest craft projects and witter with me about knitting? Who, when we look like this: gossiping_old_ladies … would make me feel like this… sex_and_the_city11 Let’s face it, ladies. No gift is big enough to cover all the things our best friends do for us.

It’s funny… I was having a chat with a friend and we were talking about the Bette Midler track Wind Beneath My Wings which has the potential to reduce me to complete tears in seconds. Not only the fact that when I saw it in the cinema, I wept buckets and buckets and it reminded me of my best friend, but the fact that it’s almost a par-for-the-course funeral song these days… but what better movie could there be about sisterhood? Not a one.

Do guys have such movies that make them cry? No. They do not. And it’s their loss. Sure, bromances are all the rage these days, but nobody watches Tom Sawyer and tears up about the friendship between Tom and Huck. Men’s friendships on film are comedies, like Grumpy Old Men or The Odd Couple or Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid. They don’t do movies about friendships so deep and powerful they can make grown women weep with a few bars of a tune. Oh, okay. So The Outsiders makes me well up and a couple of blasts from Stevie with Stay Gold and I’m weeping like a girl. There’s a reason we weep like a girl though, and that is because weeping is a very good thing. Mostly, I am very glad to be a girl. Except for having poor power-tools abilities. That’s the only down side. Sometimes the weeping. That’s not good always, especially if you do it at inopportune moments.

So, first, Much Love to the ladies in my life. You might not think I have Much Love for the lurgy that actually made me take a day off work last week, but I got to have a Glee-fest and that is a good thing. I love Glee. I love all of it. I love the great show tunes and the music, and I love Sue Sylvester very much. She’s a Mean Girl with a very small heart, but I love her anyway.

I love it when she says “I don’t trust a man with curly hair. I can’t help but picture birds laying sulfurous eggs in there and I find it disgusting” and when she says “I’m off to notify the Ohio secretary of state that I will no longer be carrying photo ID… because people should know who I am”

So, on this festive Monday, let’s hear it for the girls!


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