Where was I?

Resolutions completed and incomplete. Things to carry forward to 2013. Things to abandon as a pipe dream. I told you I’d abandoned a report about 21-30 on account of they were all home-related and I simply have not enough hours in the day. I need a clone. If I had a clone, would they have rights? Maybe, in the future, when we all have clones, there will be a Clone Emancipation Act and then all the clones will want a life of their own.

31. Plant leeks, parsnips, turnips, swede, broccoli, cauliflower, cabbages, potatoes, tomatoes, lettuce, gherkins, melons, peppers, chili peppers, corn, peas, beans, borlotti beans, broad beans, courgettes, pumpkins, squash and plenty of other things. Oh Yeah. I totally grew a whole load of interesting things. Next year, having been inspired by Mavis on 100$ a Month, I’m going to set a target for weight grown and how much I can get out of my garden. This year, the weather was a dead loss. We’ve had nothing but rain and very little by way of winter yet. Mind you, last February was practically Arctic with temperatures of -15°. I guess winter is still to come. I did have all of those things in the list bar pumpkins and squash. The curcubits got heavily hit by the late frosts. 

32. Get my perennial garden going and sow some aqualegia, some dicentra – lots of other flowers in my virtually flower-less garden. I so totally did have a lovely flower garden. Yay!


33. Make a pillow-case lounger. Fail. One for next year. 

34. Make a craft room. In the words of Bon Jovi, I’m half way there. I need about 300 more book cases, but I have the beginnings and all my stuff is in there. 

35. Get my sewing machine set up permanently. Fail. It will be when I find an Allan key. I need a bigger range of screw-driving utensils. 

36. Get some more chickensThe Corrie Ladies are well and truly established; they’re way less cocky than the last lot, but then they say good night to me every time I shut them in. 

37. Fox-proof the garden, and César-proof the hedges. Tried and failed. That dog could get through a minefield and a hedge of thorns without a scratch. Plus, I love César and although it worries me foxes and weasels and badgers can get in and eat what they like, including my chickens, César has a second home here. 

38. Make a display out of some of my travel treasures. Fail. I need more hours in my day. 

39. Learn to crochet. Well, I tried and I failed. I crochet too tightly and it all ends up like a tight little knot. It should be easy and it’s not. Plus, it’s the opposite hands to knitting and my wool gets in the way. I’m sticking to knitting. Much as I’d love to crochet cute little Amigurumi creatures, I cannot. 

40. Make bunting for the garden. Fail.

That’s a lot of fails. Some will go forward to next year. I’m putting crochet on the list of things I cannot do. It’s funny. I meet so many people who are in one camp or the other. It doesn’t make me feel bad. Both my Nana and my Mum are champion knitters who don’t crochet. Such is life. My Nana said when she used to knit little socks for my dad, her mother used to crochet the heels. They’re my knitting idols, so if they can’t crochet, that’s fine with me.

Never fear. I’ve only got another 50 resolutions I made that I could have failed in….


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