Projects 2013

I’m always so damn excited about the new year that I could almost wet myself. I don’t know why I feel the need to wait for the new year to start something new, but I do. Here, it’s even worse, since I start my planting calendar from January. The first seeds get their bottoms warmed in the propagator and I start busying myself in the garden.

Cannot wait.

Anyway, I need a kind of focus for the new year. I love blogging, but I’m so very random. Mondays are often Much Love Monday, and I plan on keeping them that way. It’s a good way to start the new week off. Sundays are sometimes Silent Sundays where I put up seven pictures from the week before. I kind of like that too. I love photography as you well know.

I also like the dedication of bloggers such as Dar’s 52 Mondays but since I already do MLM, it’s not such a good rip off. I did, however, see this cool post on her blog, which I so think I could do: it’s a giant patchwork of paintings. Now, I reckon I could do that. I really do. I think I might do one a week if I can and aim for two squares of 25.

I’m so itchy about resolutions that I can’t wait to get started. That’s pretty sad, I know. I make some throughout the year and I use StickK already, and Rescue Time. Rescue Time makes sure I stick to online work/play goals, and StickK is good for general goals. For instance, I wanted to make sure I was truly committed to walking the dogs. That might not sound like an inspiring goal, but it’s something I love doing, and on busy weeks, it’s something I need motivation to do; when it’s raining and I’m busy, it’s tempting not to. Ly goal is to take them out for a one-hour-plus walk three times a week. That doesn’t count any walks that are less than an hour, which is practically every day. Out of 11 weeks, I’ve mostly been successful. There have only been three weeks where I only got two in and not three. I’m pretty pleased with that.

So, whilst the rest of you are getting festive, I’m already almost aching for the new year. The nights start getting shorter, the days longer, the earth picks up a gear. There are only a potential 90 wintry days left to weather. That’s 75 down from first potential frost dates right to now. I feel all snowdrop-like, as if I’m just waiting for the days to lengthen again. It makes me giddy.

Anyway, last year I had 93 resolutions; This is my progress report:

1. Do some appliqué stitching on a design. I have something in mind! Crap. First one is a fail. I have the fabric. Heston ate my embroidery ring. I have needles. I am rubbish. 

2. Knit some socks. Another fail. Bah. I have knitted seven scarves though. 

3. Make something in patchwork, even if it’s very small. Fail. This is rubbish. I need to print my list off and not keep it buried in a blog back in the annals of time.

4. Knit a hat. Yay! Success. I can’t post a photo yet though. It’s a present. 

5. Knit a cat costume. Fail. 

6. Finally get back to water-colour painting. Have paper. Have stretching tape. Have paints and brushes. Have no board. Grrr. Yay! Success! I’ve even done a repertoire. 

Mushroom card - Lady Justine's blog

7. Do more art. Yay! I’ve done lots of art, from pastels to inks, watercolours and acrylics. 

8. Listen to French news more. I’m much more French-news-savvy. 

9. Read 10 more books in French. Yay. I read virtually entirely in French now. Plus, I’ve discovered Emmaus, which is full of books. This was also a build-on of the year before. 

10. Grow a wider variety of stuff next year and don’t sow the whole packet! Well hell yeah! I grew cardoons, corn, broccoli, red cabbage, cauliflower, leeks, spring cabbage, savoy cabbage, peas, broad beans, borlotti beans, tomatoes, carrots, onions, beetroot, garlic. It was a crappy year as well and I still got a freezer full! 

Tomorrow, I’ll review 11-20. Hopefully, my record will improve. Still, that’s 6 things out of 10 that I did that I didn’t think maybe I would.


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