Much Love for Shiny Things

After a bit of a fail, technology-wise, and a trip back to Darty, my new ordi is up and running. First, I downloaded Google Chrome. Then Avast. Then Advanced System Care. Then CCleaner. Then, with the equivalent of a super-safe internet condom, I was ready to surf. RescueTime, Kindle for PC and Google Reader were next. Then Dropbox. Now I’m replete and getting to grips with English words on French computers and everything being underlined in red. I’m used to English typing with an English keyboard, French typing on French keyboard and to be honest, it feels a little like speaking English with a French mouth right now. Touch typing is minimal! I’m going to plug in my English keyboard shortly but I’m just getting used to as and qs and ws and zs being backwards and the full stop being in the wrong place. Bear with my errors if you spot them!

Anyway, your Much Love Monday is brought to you by 1980s glam metal band Enuff Z’Nuff with New Thing to celebrate my new laptop.

And so what do I have love for this week? I ♥ mes amies. Anyone who puts up with me deserves a medal. Anyone who’ll take me to find old lady nighties is just a bonus. We all went out for lunch on Friday… fab! They had to pretty much kick us out of the Chinese restaurant at 3:30. One lovely lady brought the best fudge I’ve ever eaten in lieu of Christmas cards. There were many good laughs. I’m very lucky to have the friends I do.

I ♥ my knitting though I’ve got knitter’s weary.

I ♥ warm hands and warm feet.

I ♥ my new laptop that doesn’t pass out or freeze or get too hot and can handle doing more than one thing at once. Yay!

I ♥ Christmas preparations and Christmas fairs and Christmas lights

I ♥ the beautiful little château in my village which is now all lit up for Christmas

I ♥ memrise for polishing up my languages

I  ♥ other people’s blogs

I  ♥ it when children say wise things, like ‘why do men always love girls like their mums?’

Anyway, I have lessons to deliver on my shiny new computer, and then phonecalls to make, so I’m off. Enjoy your Monday!


One thought on “Much Love for Shiny Things

  1. Mind boggling. I would be hopeless on an English keyboard! Fortunately, I didn’t learn to type till I got to a Swiss office, so am well acclimatised ;)… and I wouldn’t dream of having anything other than a Mac these days. The extra cost is easily balanced out by the lack of worry or support needed, in my view. Buy. Unpack. *Use. Close. Open. Use.* repeat from * to * (can you tell I’m a knitter?!) etc. No worrying about installing anything… still, we all have our own habits and foibles, I suppose!! Enjoy the shininess…

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