Blogging contagion

Following my morning talking shop with blogs, two people have already set up a blog, two people have got one lined up and two people have asked me to go and talk more about it. Now that’s a blogging contagion! So what new blogs grace the Charentais world this morning?

Firstly, Belle Fusion. The lady who creates all of these marvellous pieces of glass is the lady who hosted the event. One foot inside her studio and most of us fell under the charm of the glass in there. In fact, I think Madame Belle Fusion was a bit taken aback by how many ‘accidental’ orders she’d picked up, since we’d only decided to use her studio because it was big enough, warm enough and it was central. Photographs do not do these pieces justice, let me tell you.


Via Belle Fusion

I’ll try and get some photographs myself as well, because these snowflakes are just gorgeous! That’s the problem with photographing glass. Light just does not do the same thing to the camera as it does to our eyes.

The second blog to emerge is that of Floradorables.

via Floradorables

I think you’ll agree, I live near some pretty talented, creative people. Is this area the epicentre of creativity? I’d like to think so! Maybe we can get to the point where we’re the most blog-friendly region of France? I’d like to think so! Certainly, with miles and miles of space between us, it can be impossibly hard to actually see these creative talents at work, especially since often they are so busy creating and not displaying or selling.

There are already several lovely, local blogs I follow, including French Village Diaries. I also read My Life in the Charente too. I follow a few less local blogs (there are a lot up near the Loire!) and a few in Paris and the South of France.

So what else arrives daily in my Google Reader?

  • Several blogs about frugal living, including 100$ a Month and The Frugal Queen. Mavis, from 100$ a Month totally makes me howl laughing. Today, she’s dressed in an elf costume and is offering a giveaway of 1,875 cotton wool buds. Like you do. Mavis cares less about looking silly than I do, and that’s pretty hard. 
  • Several survival blogs, because in actual fact, most of these are about countryside living, or living off the grid – all of which is very useful for me. Like the fact if you’ve got a bleeding wound, use a sanitary towel between the bandage and the wound. It’s all padding and absorbent, and the fact that you can use a self-adhesive compression bandage for many purposes. When you live in the wilds (relatively speaking) these things are good to know.
  • Several education sections of national British newspapers. Some of these stories find their way onto my teacher Facebook profile and twitter, of course.
  • Dilbert. Because it reminds me why I don’t want to work for anyone but myself!

Obviously, I was Alice!

  • Several craft blogs, like Poppytalk and Little Blue Boo as well as the great Craftgawker. Today, this Peppermint Mocha soap came to my attention via craftgawker. I’d never have seen it otherwise!
  • News stories from French newspapers relating to business, so I know what is going to affect me without having to hear it second hand and convoluted from an expat forum.
  • Several language blogs, like Language Log and Professor David Crystal’s blog.

I also have funnies and cartoons that come to me as well, just for a bit of morning entertainment!

So, that’s what I’m reading. If any more blogs mushroom out of the French countryside wilderness, let me know! I’m always glad to follow a local blog and support local businesses.


2 thoughts on “Blogging contagion

  1. Thank you – I don’t know whether mine can really be classed as a ‘blog’ yet – I put far more information and photos on my Belle Fusion facebook page – but you were an inspiration to us all and I’m sure there will be a few more blogs on the way!

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