All the world can pass me by

It’s been a while since it was Much Love Monday, with a little injection of loveliness on a Monday morning. Here’s the Chili Peppers with the Zephyr Song.

It’s kind of a summer song, but to tell the truth, I thought about breaking out the Christmas songs, but it just feels too early for them. I can tell I’ve been in a bit more of a serious mood because my youtube playlist looks like this: Depeche Mode, Leonard Cohen, Life of Agony, 36 Crazyfists and then a bizarre video about fence post installation that I watched ages ago. Maybe Youtube is jogging my memory? And then, just to confound you, one about escaping from zip ties.

If you want to know, you can escape from supermarket zip ties, but not police ones. The things I have to research…

Anyway, what am I loving this drizzly, foul morning?

I’m loving the fact my big workload is over. I got paid £380.00 for it, and I’m not loving that. I did 30 hours on it and somehow, wanting good examiners to do an extra week of employment on top of their already-busy lives, well, £380.00 doesn’t really cut it, now does it. Oh well.

Loving the fact that it’s now 12 days to my birthday! 12 days! I will be precisely 40 years old. I’ve had a few parties, got a few more planned, but getting through all 40 will be a bit of an issue. I’m hoping to do it before I’m 41.

I’m in a frantic knit mode. I’ve knitted a good few things for kids for Christmas, and very cute they are too. I was getting my pompom on right until 2 a.m. on Saturday morning. That’s how I roll these days. Late night knitting. 2% cider and late night pompom creation. Rock and roll.

Loving preparing for training tomorrow. If you want to know what Disney Princesses, sticky notes and snowballs have to do with anything, it’s all in my training days. I’m also loving the fact that last time I had my Disney Princess cards out was in 2008 and I used them to split up a group of senior execs for the Prince’s Trust. The time before that was for a group of 16-year old boys who fought over being Ariel. They used to like Circle Time stories as well. Inside every foul-mouthed 16-year-old boy is a 5-year-old who just wants you to read him a story.

Loving finding two friends on Facebook who I thought I’d lost a long, long time ago. These two guys, like many of my friends from back in the day, were utter sweethearts and I had so many laughs with them. To boot, one of them shares my birthday. I never had them in my life enough at the time and it’s THE BEST to see them again and know there can be times ahead when I get to have a little fun with them again. At 22, you never think that when you say goodbye, it might be the last time you see that person. At least that’s how it was in 1995. Nobody else had mobile phones. Email didn’t exist. You walk out of a place, say goodbye and bam – it’s 20 years later and you wonder what happened to that funny pair who always brought a smile to your face. Once, Phil – my boyfriend at the time – had told me he was going back to France for another three months. He worked for a campsite company – and Lee was the friend who got me through the tears of that. Now, three months seems nothing, but I’m glad the universe has rewarded Lee with mucho happiness for bringing a smile back to my face that day. It felt like it was the end of my world. And I blame Alan for about 20 expressions still in my usage. I think I went through a time when I just copied everything he said. I obviously thought he was hilarious. Finding old friends is like finding treasures from the past that unlock all of these great memories. In my last year 9 class I taught, I had three little lads just like them: Tom, Adam and Sean. Adam was Matt O’Neill up and down. I hope that their friendship is still alive and kicking in 25 years’ time.

But here, too, to new friends. France has brought me an abundance of those. It took me three days to deliver magazines last week, mainly because I stopped off for a coffee with one friend for a couple of hours’ chat, then had a race up to Ruffec to put the world to rights with Kathryn, a woman who constantly inspires me. Finally, Madame V and I nearly died laughing several times, including over this sign in McDonalds:

McDonalds Frenglish

I got used to bad translations in Japan. My favourite was ‘Do NOT appear to a Veranda!’. You just don’t really expect it from McDo. Anyway, Verity made me a pleasure with a McFlurry with extra caramel and the staff at St Junien McDo probably think we’re insane. I need a coffee right now, so I’m off to make myself a pleasure.

Enjoy your Monday, people! I’m outta here.


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