Thanksgiving 2012

No, I’m not American. I’m not having a turkey or any other Thanksgiving things, and I know my Much Love Mondays are often little more than a list of things to love, but here’s stuff I’m thankful for. I’m aiming for 100, but as I’m doing this squashed between 200 other tasks, apologies if it seems disjointed!

  1. Having plenty of work. That’s a blessing.
  2. My lovely little students who are learning to read and say such insightful things like a weed is a thing in your flowers that you hate and you try to kill it but it never dies.
  3. My teenage students who, at 13, are wise beyond their years. They care about important stuff and big ideas like life and death and God and religion. I’ve had more intelligent conversations with girls a third my age than I have with most people my age.
  4. My adult clients who give me an insight into life around the globe that I could never have had if it were not for them.
  5. The wonders of the Internet, letting me live here and teach in Russia, the Ukraine, England, France, Saudi Arabia… LJ goes global!
  6. Being an examiner, which gives me an insight into teenage minds. The future is never going to be bad when they’re in control.
  7. Being able to sit and look out of my window whilst I ponder on the fact that ‘succulent’ is the word of the year, marking-wise.
  8. Having parents who put up with me when I’m stressed and grumpy.
  9. My sister, who is the best sister I could ask for and always who always makes me laugh.
  10. Madame V., who in my state of constant chaos, has actually managed to arrange something of a birthday party for me, on my actual birthday. Yay!
  11. My lovely friends who never fail to amuse me and inspire me and make me laugh, even if I don’t get to see them enough.
  12. Heston, despite all of his crazy, energy-filled-puppy ways, who is just a happy, giddy, funny dog
  13. Miss Tilly, my American cocker spaniel, who is pretty and neurotic and crazy and cute and has learned to play after seven years of being alive.
  14. When Heston sits on my footstool, with his bum on it like a person.
  15. When Tilly sits on my knee to go to sleep.
  16. When Tilly guards me in the toilet.
  17. When Tilly guards the oven.
  18. When Heston barks at random things, like sieves.
  19. Getting to go to network meetings with talented ladies who just make me feel wowed and inspired and a little bit scared of how great women can be.
  20. Blue skies.
  21. Misty mornings.
  22. Neighbours who stop and chat.
  23. Days when all the people you meet are glad to see you and happy.
  24. Autumn leaves.
  25. Having doggies who need walks and make you stop and go outside to enjoy things.
  26. Coffee.
  27. Cups of hot, milky tea.
  28. Hot chocolate.
  29. Cider. Mmmm. Cold Cider.
  30. Magner’s Cider. Mmmm.
  31. Having plenty of logs and good fires.
  32. Having to ‘commute’ through the Charentais countryside.
  33. Miss Maddie, who taught me that there could always be a tornado.
  34. Having a pile of great books to read, especially books that haven’t been chewed. Heston gives ‘dog-eared’ a new definition.
  35. Electric blankets.
  36. Double duvets.
  37. Wearing thick socks in bed.
  38. Getting into bed with a dog on each side and not caring there’s not enough space.
  39. Hot water bottles.
  40. Making a hot water bottle and having it on my lap whilst I’m teaching.
  41. Knitting. Whoever invented that is a genius.
  42. Galaxy chocolate.
  43. Cadbury’s fruit and nut.
  44. Toffee Crisps.
  45. Having a big garden and plenty of my own vegetables.
  46. The fact that even if you have a crappy-weather year, the garden always reminds you that there’s always next year.
  47. Caramel ice-cream.
  48. Beurre salé ice-cream.
  49. Just all ice-cream. Full stop.
  50. Cake. I keep trying to find a type I don’t like and I’m very thankful I’ve never succeeded.
  52. NCIS, CSI, Criminal Minds, Bones, Person of Interest. If there’s a murder in it, it’s my cup of tea.
  53. Modern Family.
  54. Winter boots
  55. Snow boots
  56. Free ebooks.
  57. Music
  58. Skype
  59. Corn on the cob
  60. Cheese pie
  61. Sushi
  62. Teppenyaki bars
  63. Soup
  64. Catching wild animals out and about
  65. Seeing troupes of wild boar trotting across the road
  66. Inspiring blogs like One Hundred Dollars A Month which make me feel all giddy about gardening
  67. Finding old friends on Facebook that I never thought to hold on to, and seeing that everything in their life is just peachy; it’s always nice to realise that lovely people have had a great life.
  68. My brain, which never seems to get full no matter what I put in it.
  69. My mouth which gives rise to much work.
  70. Having a shelf-full of recipe books and lots of great ideas
  71. RSS feeder which cuts out everything I might like to read on t’internet and stores it for me neatly for me to read later.
  72. Bones, because they keep Heston’s teeth occupied and away from my stuff.
  73. My friends who send me funny emails that make me laugh in the middle of a long and stressful day.
  74. Words. Just how cool are they?! I bet no-one in America is giving thanks for the words ‘flap’ and ‘plop’, two of the funniest words in the English language.
  75. Colours. It would be rubbish to only see things in black and white.
  76. People who can spell properly.
  77. Other people’s blogs. I’m addicted to reading about other people’s lives. I’m such a nosy Parker.
  78. Christmas decorations, Christmas smells, Christmas full stop. I ♥ Christmas.
  79. Mushroom hunts. It’s like a real-life treasure hunt.
  80. Seeing hedgehogs, bats and owls in my garden at night.
  81. Creative people. They’re so much fun. And they never follow the rules.
  82. Punctuation. It governs our words and makes our writing make lovely, lovely sense.
  83. Annie Proulx. If I could only read one writer, she would be that person. Oh, or Dickens.
  84. Not that we need another great Great Expectations re-make, but I can’t wait to see Helena Bonham-Carter as Miss H.
  85. The fact that Baz Luhrman and Leo Di Caprio got together to make The Great Gatsby. Just genius. Thanks for that.
  86. That Colin Farrell wasn’t a total oaf in Total Recall. He’s an oaf in such a lot.
  87. Meeting people from the ether-world and realising they rock even more in real life.
  88. Omelettes. The ultimate in fast food for a hungry girl.
  89. Being able to always have food on the table, even if I’ve had to go out and dig up the last spuds to put it there
  90. The chicken ladies. Always good with the eggs.
  91. My sewing machine. Hours of amusement.
  92. Buttons.
  93. Etsy, which gives me plenty of inspiration.
  94. The fact that the simple life is good for me.
  95. Flower gardens.
  96. Planting trees.
  97. That the worst of my concerns this year have been incredibly trivial in the scheme of things.
  98. Having good health
  99. As Lois would say, having legs that work. Mostly.
  100. Having a strong back.

I don’t even care if this list makes me sound like a very old lady. Very old ladies have clearly had all their life to think of interesting things to do that they can be thankful for!

Anyway, though it’s late, I hope my overseas readers celebrating Thanksgiving have a good one! As you might be able to tell, I had a mushroom omelette. It was a feast.



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