C’est quoi ton probleme?

It feels like A-G-E-S since I did a Much Love Monday. Today… can I do one in 200 words or less?

Here goes!

Today’s MLM is brought to you by Mika with Elle Me Dit which is a cute little tune which was, of course, all over French radio. One because it’s good and two because French radio is obliged to play music in French.

So… what am I Much Loving?

  1. My NaNoWriMo novel is fini. Hoorah. Well, it’s finished to first draft standard and that’s fine with me. I’ve done 52,000 words in 14 days and that’s good going by any standard.
  2. This resit GCSE is fabulous. What a waste of a great paper on so few children. Tinie Tempah with his malteaser friend, people eating peanut stuff and Nigel Slater talking about sweet shops of the English variety. What’s not to love?
  3. Heston and water. It’s like a drug to him.
  1. Christmas Decorations. Before you get all G-O-M on me (grumpy old man…) and tell me that Christmas is a celebration of something deeply offensive to your miserable soul, I’d like to remind you that our forefathers brought light into the house to see them through the dark times. Just don’t tell me you don’t feel just a little better when you see lovely decorations like these:

This is from Citrus and Orange, a beautiful, beautiful website of beautiful, beautiful images.

Anyway, I am off to do some more teaching of Russians, a dog walk in the forest with the creatures, a bit of GCSE marking, a bit of teaching and a whole lot of feeling fabulous this fine Monday.



2 thoughts on “C’est quoi ton probleme?

    1. I’ve been on two-hour walks with him and when we get back to the car, parked by the river, he goes just as mental and he’s ready to start again! He’s the most energetic dog I ever met. This is what happens when shepherds, retrievers, labs and collies breed!

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