Bear with…

* if you don’t know this line, it’s a shame. It’s from the most marvellous comedy, Miranda. It’s one of my favourite comedies, and I love her because she’s just so very English. Patricia Hodge is great as her mother. Despite my love of Miranda, I also love Sally Phillips. Check her out at 2:04 and you’ll get the title.

I love her favourite words, too. Moist is a great word. I despise the word gusset, though.

However, I simply cannot wait for the third series. Also, as a spontaneous emission of facts, Miranda Hart is in fact 1 day older than me.

Anyway, this month I’ve started the NaNoWriMo challenge again (that’s National Novel Writing Month to all of you people not in the know) as I can’t take part in Movember (grow a moustache for November) and since I am otherwise challenged, I thought I would get it out of the way.

I’ve actually got about six or seven books in various bits and pieces on various hard drives and it’s my aim before the year is out to get them ALL out on kindle. Unfortunately, as you can tell from this blog, I am a ‘crossover’ writer and because I am diverse, I only get published for certain things. Educational stuff, yes. Fiction, no. I had a taker on a book I wrote, but the publisher wanted a happy ending. I couldn’t bear a happy ending, and also it turned the book into a kind of inadvertent copy of Small Island, so I put it on ice. I’ve also got a couple of other books – one’s about dealing with depression and one’s about dealing with bipolar disorder. Both are finished. I never really knew what to do with them. Unfortunately, the publishing world only like to hear from the so-called experts and never from someone who lives with these things on a day-to-day basis. Well, not day-to-day. Most days, being ‘ill’ and taking tablets is just a part of the day, as much as eating lunch and tea. Other days, it’s all I can think of. Both are an accumulation of things I do to stave off depression or to manage bipolar disorder. By and large, I think I’m pretty good at it now. A lot of that is to do with living here. However, in the days when I worked full time, I coped with bipolar disorder as best a person can. I did bloody well too.

Then finally, I’ve got a couple of study guides to add to the plethora I’ve already published. All the books above are in various stages of finish. If anything, I miss that about ‘proper’ published writing. An editor is a marvel, mostly. Not always. But having a good editor is akin to having a person tidying up after you and helping you out, and the clout of a publisher cannot be understated. However, my ebooks do relatively well and I figure I might as well put the last lot on there. Sometimes I read marvellous things, like the Hunger Games trilogy and the Annie Proulx I’m revisiting; other times what I read is such shit that I think I can do so much better.

Anyway, last year, I never made my commitment public; it fell by the wayside. I figure if I tell everyone what I’m up to, at least then I’ll be shamed into getting things moving.

And, if the truth be told, I’m not doing too badly. I’m at 21,000 words already. The plot is mapped out. It kind of writes itself. There’s some research, but mostly it’s stuff I’m very familiar with. However, at the end of the month, GCSE marking starts up again and I’ll be spending all my time doing that. The end of the month is likely to be very hectic, what with the GCSEs and the magazine deliveries, teaching as well, so I want to get the back of it broken by the 14th. Today, I’ve done 6,000 words, which is not bad going. I drift off mid-afternoon and end up getting lost in research, so I tend to switch off and watch something a little mindless. Today it was Pretty in Pink. 

I can’t tell you how much I love that movie.

Anyway, back to the grindstone. If you’re missing me, which I doubt very much unless you are related, just ‘bear with’. I feel a little drained of words to spare in other places.


3 thoughts on “Bear with…

  1. Go for it… You have just challenged me ending a year with no unfinished business… excuse me only a few weeks left and lots to do!

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