And I say it’s alright

For those of you of a weatherly-inclination, like myself, you might have been waiting for the sun too.

Despite the drought, it’s been a wet and weird year here. What with the long, cold winter and the heavy snow that stayed on the ground for three weeks, then the wet, wet, cold spring and a summer that only really materialised in July. And it’s rained here for practically a month, with odd days off in between.

That brings some benefits, like it’s unseasonably warm.

Mostly, though, it leaves me crabby and cross. I can’t go outside. I can’t get in the garden. The dogs are bored. Tilly won’t go for a wee in the rain so there have been accidents. Heston doesn’t care so he goes out and plays in the rain and gets all muddy. The chickens haven’t been dry for days. We’ve snatched one or two walks here and there – only two last week. Last Monday it was fine and and sunny, but since then it has rained. And rained. And rained.

Our river’s still not back though. That’s a little weird.

It’s a river on a limestone karst, so it disappears down various holes at points and runs underground. It’s only visible when the water table is high or there’s been a lot of rain. Given that the garden is now in standing water, the water table is definitely high, and we’ve definitely had a lot of rain. 109 cm in October so far. A metre of rain.


The rain leaves everything in my house feeling damp, so even though it’s not been cold, I’ve had to put the fire on just to keep things dry. I put my hand under my pillow the other morning and it was almost wet. My armchair felt slimy. It’s yuck.

Then I feel like I should be apologetic for not wanting the rain, especially since my garden depends on it. And it was getting incredibly dry – we’d had two months without barely a drop. It was a welcome visitor.

Now I’ve had enough of it. To be frank, that had happened a week last Sunday. Tuesday. Wednesday. Thursday. A Friday so wet I couldn’t take Heston over to play with his brother. A Saturday with driving rain. A Sunday that was recovering-damp.

This has lots of consequences. Firstly, I was in such a foul mood for most of the week that I couldn’t bring myself to write. Second, what I did write was largely directed at stupid people on internet forums and I went into the fray willingly, knowing that I was only doing it because it was raining. The rain makes me nadgy. There’s another good Nana word for you. I was nadgy and I went through the internet looking for people to ‘help’ and ‘correct’. This is my thought process. “Oh, I know… you’re in a terrible mood and you’re bored. Let’s go and see if we can find more people in a terrible mood who are bored, and let’s all use CAPS LOCK on our words to show how ANGRY we all are and HOW RIGHT we all are…”

So I dipped in, then removed myself quickly from the forums of angry, bored, nadgy people.

The rain does have some benefits. Firstly, you’re obliged to stay indoors. Rain is the universe’s way of giving gardeners a rest. Second, you’re able to take up creative pursuits. Thus, I have been catching up on a lot of stuff and doing a lot of reading. I’ve planned my Christmas cards and I’ve started painting them. I’ve also been hooked into The Hunger Games trilogy – loved the first book. I loved the film as well. It’s not intellectual or complex, but it’s a ripping great yarn. Think Greek Tributes-meet Roman colosseum- meets The Running Man and add a little romance in there and you’re on your way. So the rain is a welcome cultural break for me. I also watched Snow White and the Huntsman which was also epic. I love fairy stories, especially fairy stories for grown ups. Give me Angela Carter any day. If you’ve not read The Courtship of Mr Lyon, for a twist on Beauty and the Beast, her short stories are a little sumptuous literature – a Belgian chocolate in a sea of cheap Cadbury’s. That’s not to say a bar of Dairy Milk isn’t glorious, but sometimes, something small and perfect is just wonderful.

The rain has also given me the excuse to put the electric blanket on and put the feather duvet on top of my duvet, to stop everything being moist. My bedroom is the first candidate for a new double-glazed window (sized and priced and waiting for taxes to be paid and the weather to clear up) since my bedroom window has a hole in it big enough for a lizard to get through. Whether that will stop the dampness being quite so… persistent… I can only hope.

Plus, since I’ve taken on November resit marking (yes, I know, I’m a martyr to the cause, especially when the pay is so brutally bad and the cause is so unworthy) as it will give me at least some pocket money and the most important thing is to get those children the right mark. If I didn’t do it, you could guarantee someone worse than me would. That’s not a very nice way to put it, but it’s true. All A grade markers (yes, we’re graded!) are asked to mark. Some can’t. Some won’t. That means that then, B and C grade markers are asked. A C is ‘satisfactory’ marking. Would you want your paper marked by a ‘satisfactory’ marker in such a subjective subject as English? Not sure I would.

Anyway, the money will give me the opportunity to get over and see family in the New Year, so hurrah for that.

So I’ve managed to convince myself the rain isn’t such a bad thing and now let’s hope it looks more like this today:

Bring me a few days of blue skies and let me dry out a little!

8 thoughts on “And I say it’s alright

    1. I’m such a fan of that cartoon. That’s exactly how it feels! And yes, it helps a little bit that you’ve had more rain! I know rain is good but I’m glad there’s a break in the clouds now.

    1. The hole will be plugged. Not sure if a dehumidifier will make any difference – they don’t seem to in most stone houses. The shutters keep a bit of the damp out, but not much. Plus, the living room where the sofa is, that’s relatively hole-free. A fire is nice though, and it dries everything out 🙂

  1. “The rain does have some benefits. Firstly, you’re obliged to stay indoors. Rain is the universe’s way of giving gardeners a rest. Second, you’re able to take up creative pursuits.”

    As much as I hate cold, rainy, winter weather- I find that I usually grow more as a person during the winter than any other season.

  2. Interesting post today and it explains a lot. Being bored, I decided to read some internet posts and noticed that a lot of replies were very arsey. Hmmm I thought, there are a lot of angry people replying or leaving comments today whats wrong with folk?. Now I know its rain inspired! Oh well lets hope its not a long lonely winter for them.

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