Desert Island Discs

Desert Island Discs is 70 this week. Not really so unbelievable that something so simple and yet so influential should reach such a grand old age. In the media, that something should last 70 years means it’s almost as old as Methuselah. The format is simple. You choose eight records, a book and a luxury you couldn’t live without to take with you to a desert island…

So what would yours be?

Eight songs. Wow. Here are mine.

#1 Queen I Want To Break Free. Technically, I guess I should be allowed an entire album, but I’m going with the eight singles I would take with me. Kind of appropriate, wanting to break free from a desert island.

#2 David Bowie Starman. I was kind of stuck and the others I like are kind of depressing. I like the DB/Queen ‘Under Pressure’ duet as well. Anything off Hunky Dory would have been right in there. I love Space Oddity as well, but this is my choice today. I think it’d be any one of twenty different songs if you ask me tomorrow.

#3 The Rolling Stones Ruby Tuesday. I was reet torn over this choice (now there’s a northernism for you….) because there’s about 20 I could easily pick from The Stones as well. I used to think the lyrics of this song were about me. Paint it Black is possibly the more popular choice, and if you ask me tomorrow, I might pick that. God, or Sympathy for the Devil. What was I thinking??! Street Fighting Man? Gimme Shelter? Mick Jagger, now there’s a weird looking fella. If I picked an album, it’d be Beggars Banquet not Exile on Main St. 

#4 The Who I Can See For Miles. It was a toss-up between this and You better, You bet and Substitute.  The line ‘I was born with a plastic spoon in my mouth’ has to qualify as one of the greatest lyrics of all time.

#5 Bruce Springsteen Born to Run. Nothing gets me in the stomach like this song does. That opening few bars. Ahhhhh…

#6 The Beatles Here Comes The Sun. I think that your Beatles top choice says more about you than a Rorschach test. This isn’t their best, their happiest, their most epic. It’s just my choice. And yes, I’m Abbey Road, not Revolver. Tomorrow, I might have gone with Come Together, but I think I must be feeling a little less epic and a little more gentle today.

#7 Led Zeppelin Kashmir. Oh those opening bars. I don’t think I need to say anything else.

#8 Bob Marley Redemption Song. Yes, and all its covers.

You’ll notice I have no room for my favourite Mr Cohen. That means I’d probably get rid of the Beatles and put him in with Hallelujah. Even X-Factor contestants can’t spoil it.

Now, for my book, I’m taking Vikram Seth’s A Suitable Boy mainly because it’s long and mainly because I hope if I read it again, the ending will be different.

And my luxury item will be a pen and paper. As long as I can write and doodle, I’ll be happy.

2 thoughts on “Desert Island Discs

  1. Mick Jagger has a chateau not that far from us. According to the locals, ‘Il est tres gentil, mais il est moche!’ :-)) They also find it disconcerting to meet him in the market with his grandchildren.

    1. Comme il est moche! I’m sure it’s very strange to see him going about his usual business and not partying like it’s going out of fashion! Angelina and Brad have been known to stay in a chateau near me, and oh how I’d love to see Mr Pitt going about his daily business, especially if he’s dressed up like the new Chanel No 5 advert!

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