Take Tuesday: flowers

I think flowers are the main reason I miss using a proper SLR. My cute little fujifilm finepix cannot cope with depth of field and aperture priority. Thus, getting flower pics with it is pretty hard. I love manual focus. Oh well.

They tell my whole year.

From the first snowdrops at the end of February to the last, magnificent dahlias, flowers tell my year.

From February 29th right through until August 29th… the flowers of my year so far.

And could any song be more than Babs and Neil singing ‘You don’t bring me flowers’?


6 thoughts on “Take Tuesday: flowers

  1. Tell me about it (sigh). i don’t have the technical photography background that you do, but I know that if the flower is fine or yellow or white it is impossible to get focus or good detail. Still, I love my Fuji Finepix — it’s small enough to get into my coat pocket if necessary and light enough to carry all the time. It’s got a decent macro for hand held field shots. It’s an old model and I will really miss it when it dies. Its main fault is the slow recovery after taking a shot or to turn on — not ideal for fast moving insects. It does supposedly have manual focus, but it is so complicated to set up I never use it. Also the slidy lever for focus is useless compared to turning a ring on the lens.

  2. Gorgeous! You are one of those good flower gardeners who make sure there are blossoms throughout the season. I envy you and your pretty blooms.

    1. When I arrived here, there were no annuals or perennials at all, just the snowdrops and irises! She was obviously a bulb lady before me.

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