Much Love… Wednesday?!

It was always Much Love Monday. But this week, it’s not. I’m behind schedule. Anyway, if you ask me, Wednesdays need more love than Mondays do. You’re kind of working up to the top of the hill and the weekend seems ages away. Not that I have a weekend as such… but Wednesday is still my busiest day.

This week, all this talk about castles has made me hunt out KD Lang’s Miss Chatelaine for you.

It’s all kind of Parisian-café and lovely delight.

So what do I have Much Love for, apart from castles and my adoptive town? I’m loving the way the garden has slowed down so that I can actually keep up with it. I’m loving the warm days and the cool mornings. I love feeling a little cool in the morning, having fresh air and cold water. I’ve got a good little morning routine going on at the moment – dogs first, let Noireau in as he’s always off on night-time pursuits these days. Then a coffee and the little gifts my Google Reader brings my way before breakfast. It’s dark when I get up now, and I let the chickens out at daybreak. About eight, the dogs and the cat have their breakfast. The chickens have their feed. If it’s cold, I do an hour of computer-based work. If it’s nice, I’m straight outside to make the most of the cool morning air. Once the garden is well under control, I’ll be able to take the dogs for a morning walk instead of an evening one – evenings are getting shorter and shorter these days and it’s so definitely autumn. I do a few pre-breakfast routines with Heston and Tilly – he’s such a good boy, but I want to keep him that way. So Much Love to peaceful mornings. Some days I used to be out of the house before I was fully awake.

Apart from Saturdays, I don’t have to leave the house early – Saturdays, it’s an 8 o’clock start these days. That’s almost like 4 o’clock in my head. It’s a long drive down to the south Charente. It always looks really different too. It’s emptier and flatter. The Charente Limousin to the east of me is more hilly and filled with trees. The crops are later, there are cows in the fields and the air is cooler by a couple of degrees. Here, it’s gentle hills and open fields. It’s amazing how much diversity there is across an hour’s drive. It was like that in Manchester too – Southport and the flats to the west, the hills surrounding Manchester to the north, west and south.

What else am I Much Loving?

I’m about half-way through the second Hunger Games book which I’m also Much Loving. I’ve got a French version of The Firm on the go as well – don’t seem to be getting much through either.

I’m Much Loving friends who bring me packets of seeds. How well they know me! Seeds are better than wine, if you ask me. I’m a gardening geek.

I’m Much Loving going to bed, too. Is there anything nicer than when you are dog-tired, getting into a cool bed complete with clean cotton sheets and a thick duvet? It’s no wonder I don’t get far with my books.

I’m not loving French paint. 3 coats with gloss and I can still see Noddy hats. That’s an Adrian Mole joke for you. I can’t exactly see Noddy hats, but where paint in England does the job first time around, in France, milk is thicker and leaves more colour behind. You can buy Dulux if you’ve got a second mortgage to pay for it. I don’t buy Dulux because I don’t have a second mortgage, so I can’t guarantee that the Dulux is thicker than milk.

I’m also not loving flies. There’s goddamn-hundreds of them right now. I usually have the very vile sticky strips which seem to hoover them up, but not at the moment.

I am, however, loving having my kids back to teach. I love the little girl who calls her board wiper her ‘vacuum cleaner’. I love the little boy who likes to beat me at word games. I love the sweetie-pie who looked at me with big eyes and said ‘I can read 27 words in English!’ and I love the bright-as-buttons GCSE kids I’m teaching right now. I love that they’re not indoctrinated by English teaching and they think fresh. I love the sad little boy whose bs and ds won’t stay still and the fact that I get to turn his sad face to a happy face when I show him how to make bs and ds with a sparkler. Maybe they’ll still be a great big mixture, but at least they’re fun now, and not linguistic torture devices.

I’m not loving Education Secretary Michael Gove. That man needs to have his legs smacked. I’m not loving that English politics STILL winds me up and makes me shouty and ranty on various newspaper sites.

So, Mostly Love and some Not Much Love for bad things that need zapping out of existence. To be fair, flies at least serve a purpose. Not sure Michael Gove does.



2 thoughts on “Much Love… Wednesday?!

  1. And I have Much Love for this sweet and gentle post of yours. You describe your day in a way I can see you out there, walking the dogs, teaching those youngsters and getting upset about politicians who never do what they promise anyway.
    Yes, Justine, Much Love for your blog. 🙂

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