Fabulous 40s

The thing about turning 40 is that a lot of people do it at the same time. Not only are all my school friends turning 40, but my university friends too. And, weirdly, even though I have an array of friends over here, several of them are turning 40 as well.

Forty is so popular, in fact, that I have been to two fortieth birthdays in the last two weeks. Deb was first, with a party on the hottest day of the year, and we all braved the heat and the insects and tried to make the most of the garden, despite sitting in the basement just to keep cool. Much fab food, much good company. I’m just sad the heat made me too tired to stay late enough to actually enjoy the light show and disco once Deb’s husband got them going. All I can say is that lights just shouldn’t be so complicated!

Then last night was Nev’s 40th and despite the fact that Natasha swears there was a gust of wind that blew some of her balloons and signs away, and the fact her dogs chewed the ornamental lights, it was lovely nonetheless. We all had to put our disdain for her lack of effort to one side just to enjoy ourselves.


It was perfect. Perfect almost autumn weather. Perfect setting. Perfect company. Perfect food. It couldn’t have been more lovely.

Natasha had organised a hog roast and everyone brought a dish or two or three. I’d taken pavlovas which turned a bit soupy on the journey. Really I should have assembled them moments before they were to be eaten. I shall know for next time! It might be getting chilly of an evening, but it’s still summertime. There was plenty of Pimms to make it feel like summer, and plenty of children running around in shorts and not much else, despite a cool breeze. It’s definitely frais these days. Maybe I’m just turning a little French, getting cold of an evening and thinking about wearing scarves to daytime events.

I’m under strict instructions to publish NO pictures of my lovely friends. I don’t know why. They look lovely to me. I managed to get a very arty shot of the cupcake tower and a very lovely 40 candle, though.

One day, I might go around and capture all kinds of hideous pictures of them biting their toenails or doing the cleaning in an old pinny. Until that day, I shall respectfully chop out all offending parts of people and only have disembodied floating cakes, and not the smiley lovely face of the lady holding them or her delightful husband who put up with us until 1 am. Nice, too, to have such a multicultural, multi-talented crowd. I love being in places you can hear four or five languages being spoken. It’s all good.

In all, it was the best kind of birthday party – free and easy, fun and laid-back. I need to get a move on with some more of mine and spend a little less time going to other people’s if I want to have my 40 for my 40th!





2 thoughts on “Fabulous 40s

  1. Sounds like it was a lovely party! It’s funny about your friends and pictures. Since I began blogging husband Nick won’t let me take any pictures of him at all. I have to beg him to look at the camera and absolutely promise that what comes out will not, under any circumstances, be posted on-line. Fair enough request, as I’d feel the same were the camera always being pointed in my direction I suppose.

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