Silent Sundays

Are about to be over for the next eight weeks as Steve and Jake return for their last term in France… and then the silence will return – no doubt interrupted by various guests.

I made the most of it by going to La Rochefoucauld for a couple of baguettes – I tend not to eat too much bread when I’m on my own – they go stale before they’re over. The bakeries and florists are open on Sunday mornings – I love this. The town is actually busy for once. The man in front of me picked up about ten little patisserie gateaux for his children – and since he left one solitary eclair, I decided to indulge myself. I’ve had precisely two in two years. It was heavenly. Not only was the entire street filled with the sweet smell of sugar, but the sun came out. If I ever get tired of bakeries on Sunday mornings and picking up the baguettes, I’m moving to Italy for a new adventure. I don’t think it’s going to happen though.

Rain clouds still sit and wait on the horizon
Sun over colza fields
Vines under water… just disappearing now
Dogs investigating

Noireau bringing up the rear
Because it’s just too beautiful

Because without the storm clouds, we wouldn’t appreciate the sunshine.