Top Ten Handsome Men

Now here’s a list that takes me right back to my teen years. I should mention I kept very detailed lists of who I liked. It changed quite regularly and I had the most huge crush on Axl Rose from Guns N Roses. It was the snake hips. As soon as he got a moustache and looked red-necky, I went off him. Skinny men with big hair and make-up. That’s where I was as a teenager. It’s no wonder I’m confused.

Anyway, I’m probably not going to atone for my previous sins with this post. And no doubt, if you asked me next week, I’d find a completely different set of men handsome. I like how my tastes have changed as I’ve grown up. That’s good. You can’t keep liking skinny men with big hair and make-up unless you want to fancy Russell Brand. And I just don’t, funny as he is. Noel Fielding. Now there’s a fanciable man.

I digress.

1. Always number 1 in my heart is Sean Bean. I can forgive him his terrible accents (I’d have had to have switched the sound off on Missing if he hadn’t died in the first two minutes… Sean does not do accents. Cf Patriot Games if you don’t believe me. p.s. I was alarmed to find that when I did a little search for Sean Bean the first ‘complete’ Google phrase was ‘Sean Bean Death’ – which alarmed me a great deal, so I clicked on it and it took me to a youtube clip where he dies 21 times. He’s good at dying, obviously. Not so good at accents, but hey ho. I saw him as Macbeth in Ed Hall’s version – wow. Handsome, manly, rugged, well-cut, Northern accent, near enough to touch (I was on the third row) and wearing naught but black leather pants. If a man can carry off leather pants, that man is Sean.

2. Keanu Reeves. Just because. No, he can’t act. No, he can’t do accents either. But he is pretty. And Keanu as Johnny Utah in Point Break. Wow. Like I listened to a word he was saying. He’s not very good at growing beards or moustaches, though. He needs to stop that.

3. Jim Caviezel. Never did a man look so uncomfortable smiling. If Jesus looked like Jim Caviezel, I’d be surprised that all the disciples weren’t women or men who appreciate a razor-sharp cheekbone.

4. John Cusack. Quirky, handsome, funny, sharp. Yes. What’s not to like, there?

5. Christian Bale. I had a three-letter discussion with my teenage penpal Paul about Christian Bale, who had pipped Paul at the post for the role in Empire of the Sun. We were both of the opinion he was a boy who would go far and Paul was a little too old for the part. Plus, he was doomed to have a life in the theatre and to do endless tours. I realised this is quite a fun life when I accidentally propositioned comic actor Tony Bell who’d been playing Bottom in A Midsummer Night’s Dream by telling him he had a marvellous appendage. He gave me his phone number and Yasmin and I ended up partying the night away in the Press Club with the cast of A Winter’s Tale a couple of season’s later. That was when I was La Lee, living a life that seems so far away from mine now – where you just might blag your way into a club with a group of theatre actors for a dance. I was wearing a Jackie-Kennedyesque orange suit that one of my students said made me look like a giant smartie. It’s no wonder I could disco til three in the morning and then turn up at work four hours later – sober as a judge and wondering if I’d really just spent the night with the cast of my favourite repertoire company. Anyway, I digress. Christian Bale. A very handsome man.

6. Matthew McConaughey. If solely for the fact he was in How to Lose a Guy in 10 days which was brilliant – and not a film I thought I’d enjoy, but loved anyway. I watched it four times on my way back from Brazil. It was either that or watch Colin Farrell shouting in a phone-box.

7. Matt Dillon. Ever since he was Dallas Winston, I’ve loved him. I loved him with long hair in Over the Edge. I even loved him with big teeth in There’s Something About Mary. 

8. Robert Downey Jr. Even though he’s crazy and often a naughty boy, he’s still lovely.

9. Ben Cohen. Because rugby men are often very, very handsome.

10. Mark Cueto – because, like I said, rugby men are very, very handsome, especially if they’re backs and wingers.

I make no apologies for this being a girlie blog post. I am a girl. But if you’re a girl and you are in need of a little something easy on the eye, maybe these handsome men will give your day a lift!


1 thought on “Top Ten Handsome Men

  1. When I feel blue, I look at pictures of Benedict Cumberbatch. Then sigh. Then look out the window. Then look at more pictures. 😉

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