Sometimes it just turns out that way

Today I’m loving a little of the Mamas and the Papas, so here’s your Monday Monday track. I love watching old videos like this. They’re both so dated and yet so cool.

I don’t think there are quite so many bands that are so evocative of a place and time.

So what am I loving this fine Monday morning? Firstly, I’ve made a start on the two little bedside units I bought a couple of weeks ago from Le Bon Coin.

The cabinet as it was when it arrived

I’ve sanded them down and given one of them a coat of undercoat.

Sanded down... I kind of like the distressed look, but it's not really for me!

I’m not entirely sure what I’m doing with them yet – am I going for matt or satin? Am I going for a white or cream? I quite fancy a contrasting colour, so I’m thinking either the wicked pink on my dining room shutters, the orange of my lean-to wall, or even a black or turquoise. I’m spoilt for choice. I thought about an entire colour and then bands of white, but it’s much easier to do other things with them when it’s mostly white or mostly cream.

I’ve done part of the first undercoat and I’ll do the second today:

First undercoat done - at least, partly!

To be honest, there were hundreds of things I wanted to do. I could go for some padding with fabric, or a design, or a stripped-back look, or a Greek Key kind of pattern, or some hand-painting, or gold, or any million of ideas that float around in my head. However, you’ve kind of got to go with the design and shape of the thing – to do some stuff would just look silly. And I’m pretty organic. Once I see a colour I really like in Brico L’Eclerc tomorrow, I’ll know what I’m doing. I’ve got orange and pink here, so if I see nothing, I know I’ve got some good choices at home. I’m thinking turquoise though. Mainly because I’ve got a yukata I brought back from Japan that is turquoise with white cranes on it and I’d like to make more a feature of that. It’s too gorgeous.Plus, I like turquoise.

So, I’m loving the up-cycling.

I’m also loving the warmer days. By the end of the week, it’s looking like being 20 degrees. Lots of my seeds are beginning to poke their heads out from beneath the soil.

First broad beans en plein air

I’ve got some cauliflowers appearing, as well as some leeks and a couple of geraniums. I’m pleased with the geraniums because apparently they’re hard to get to germinate. The turnips are again far too easy to germinate. Last week, we had spicy parsnip soup with the parsnips from last year. I loved them. They were fabulously sweet and superbly parsnippy – not for Steve, as he is not a fan of sweet things – but it was very tasty nonetheless.

The parsnip beasts... ugly but sooo tasty

Mostly, all the vines are pruned – just a few left to do. Today is a day for joining the local library – something I’ve been planning on doing for a while, mainly because it’s in the chateau and I quite fancy going to a library that is in a real-live castle.

I’ve also got much love for my friend David, who is just about the most sweet person on the whole planet. I’d lost touch with him in about 2008 and he sent me this message yesterday via Facebook: ” It’s David here : I’ve been living in bristol and on adventures. I’ve come back to Adlington to visit friends. Have you got a telephone number. I would love to talk to you as i think it will make you laugh a lot and happy.”

Only David can make me feel all happy to get a message saying he’s been having adventures. His whole life is an adventure, and yes, he’s right. It will make me happy. Bless David. I never knew a person so full of niceness. I have two favourite memories of David. One is when we went to the 24 hour garage in Bolton, late one evening. We’d been holed up inside and keeping out of the winter weather. For some reason, and I have no reason why, David was wearing my pyjamas and I was wearing his coat. In my tartan pyjamas and pink duffel coat, and his shoes, he went to the garage. I don’t think either of us thought it looked weird. I love David with my whole heart. He does make me happy indeed and I used to love our adventures too. He always makes me smile.

My other memory of David is in the Dog and Partridge in Bolton. It’s a spit-and-sawdust type of pub with lots of cubby holes. It is – or was, at any rate – roughly painted with lots of home-made flyers for bands and a tiny, tiny bar. Some nights they had bands on; other nights, they had open mike night. I knew David played guitar, but I didn’t know how well until he was asked to play. He did and I was mesmerised. He doesn’t play songs as such, mainly things he’s just made up. He plays the kind of music that makes my soul ache. He was by far and away one of the best musicians I’ve ever heard play and I was very proud I was with him that night when he’d finished and came and sat back down next to me. I love Lil David very much.

And as for my poem of the week, today, it is a part of John Clare’s poem First Love Recollections. John Clare is one of my favourite poets, and this is one of my favourite poems from him. It’s another of those I know off-by-heart.

First love will with the heart remain
When all its hopes are bye,
As frail rose-blossoms still retain
Their fragrance when they die;
And joy’s first dreams will haunt the mind
With shades from whence they sprung,
As summer leaves the stems behind
On which spring’s blossoms hung.


7 thoughts on “Sometimes it just turns out that way

  1. Nice stories! David sounds like a really good friend to have. Your furniture re-do reminded me of a very nice, but needing much work, book shelf I saw put out in someone’s trash the other day. Being too (damn) proud to trek it home in broad daylight, I waited until sundown to go back and get it. Of course, it was gone, having been nabbed by another treasure hunter.


  2. Loulou, you should have nabbed the bookcase whilst you had the chance! This I bought from a lovely lady who lives about 10 miles up the road from me. Her blog is and she does wonderful design things!

    I’ve gone for turquoise paint and it will be a very glam piece of chipboard when it is done!

  3. Hiya! Hope you’re well. I didn’t realize this was you until I saw.. the bedside tables! 🙂 Nice to see them being transformed! Looking forward to seeing the finished product! I’ve been really rubbish at commenting blogs and going on facebook as the shop is opening this Friday.. still sorting out details with TNT…. and of course tomorrow is Wednesday so no school…
    Do you live near me? Want to go for a coffee sometime?

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