Silent Sunday…

It’s been a while!

I love my cutie Popsicle
Winter is on his way out
First major planting of 2012 - a little later than last year because of the snow
Moved into the tunnel for a little warmth
Hand-painted pots
Three of my ladies
Good to go!

4 thoughts on “Silent Sunday…

    1. I always get giddy and plant things way too early. The problem last year was not having enough planted! I’d cheerfully eat three times as many leeks, beetroots and parsnips!

    1. She’s an American cocker spaniel. Very cute, very whimsical but greedy! She’ll eat anything. She’s got selective deafness and can only hear if she’s not distracted and if you want to get her attention if she is, you have to say her name in a very high pitched voice!! I love her to pieces.

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