Getting busy in the sunshine

Today, a momentous thing occurred. You might not think it is momentous, but it is. I got my first drop of sweat of the new year. Given that precisely three weeks ago, it was thick with snow round these parts, to be at a balmy 18° – a lovely temperature for mid-April, it’s a thankful reminder that what goes around comes around. I’ve not had a sweat on for a good few months. I know it might get cold again yet – but it didn’t drop below 5 from this point forward last year, and that was only for one day at the beginning of March. Hopefully, like last year, it’ll be in the 10-20 region, just with a little more rain.

I’m pretty sure I’ve finished my big project, as well. I’ve got a few lessons here and there – more than I thought I’d have in the holidays – so it’s planting and spring cleaning. Today, the onions went in. I’ve sown the beetroot straight in. I’m going to do another row, I think – maybe two! I’ve also sown some nasturtiums too. Maybe later, I’ll put the other onion sets in. I’m trying to make the most of the sunshine whilst it’s here – who knows what’s around the corner?

Now that the evenings are getting longer and we’ve finished our current seasons of downloads (I feel almost bereft without Chuck – a bit like I did without NCIS and 24 when I’d finished all the seasons of those) I’m a bit at a loss of what to do. We only ever watch a couple of things a night anyway – between an hour and two – but I’m quite fond of knitting for an hour. I never knit without multi-tasking, and I can’t knit and read. I need a new series to get into – preferably something with a lot of back episodes. We’ve been through 11 seasons of NCIS since we’ve been here, all of 24, 7 seasons of Criminal Minds, 4 seasons of Chuck, all the seasons of Spooks. I like it this way. This way, you don’t have to wait a week if something traumatic happens to a main character. It’s amazing how much we watch even though we don’t have television – even if you only watch 90 minutes a day, it soon adds up. I’d watch less, but then I’d only read more trashy policiers so it’s kind of pointless. And, everything I like at the moment is only in its first season, like Rizzoli and Isles and Person of Interest. Yes, I admit it: if there are baddies to investigate, I’ll watch it. If it involves police of any kind – be they MPs, Sheriffs, FBI, CIA, forensic anthropologists, medical examiners, lawyers… I’ll watch it. Murder is good television even if it’s totally formulaic. It got to the point with NCIS that we knew who’d dunnit because they were ‘famous’ characters we’d seen in 24 or CSI or Criminal Minds.

Anyway, whilst I was watching Criminal Minds last night, I painted three little pots. I’d already done one yesterday and liked it very much, so when I saw 3 terracotta pots for 40c each in L’Eclerc Brico, I bought them. I like 3s of things. I don’t know why. I painted them with acrylic, cut out a bit of a paper napkin, glued it on and spray varnished them today. I reckon, pot, napkin, paint and varnish, it’s about 1€ a pot… and they are very cute.

I’ve yet to paint the inside, but here they are, drying in the sun:

Cute little flowerpots drying in the sun

And here’s one I’ve not yet varnished, with some flowers bought for me by a very lovely lady indeed:

Pansies in a pot

I’m quite pleased with them for a 40-minute paint-and-glue session!

Although the trees look a long way from blossoming, if they’ll blossom at all, there are a few snowdrops out.

Snowdrops outside the lean-to

Finally… a photo of the shutters, as promised. I know they’re not to everyone’s taste, but they are to mine, especially with the tangerine orange wall! Everything else is white and I’m planning on getting some large indoor plants to green it up. It will be my little tropical paradise!

I had shoes this colour once...

As you can see, Spring has put a little bounce in our step. Steve’s just been out for a bike ride and is now sitting topless and in his shorts. Yes, it’s still February. I bet Nature has more snow in store. Life’s like that. Just when you think it’s going to turn sunny, you have to be prepared for the worst.

4 thoughts on “Getting busy in the sunshine

  1. Hi Just like Elizabeth likes to do several things at once… You two would get on well I think.

    Did you ever watch the US murder series Murder One. 25 episodes. I have the DVD set if you want lone of it, drop us an email… Col

  2. I so need to get sowing and planting – you have made me feel really behind. There is quite a bit of weeding to tackle here (as always), but if I can clear enough to sow things like beetroot direct it would make me feel a lot better. The garlics are pushing up well, but the onion sets need to go in, then I can get sowing some seeds – I do love this time of year!

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