Much Love Mondays

My Monday song for you this week is The Gigolo Aunts’ Where I Find My Heaven

Hey Monday Morning… Only for the brave. 

Great song. I love Dumb and Dumber. With Cool Runnings, it’s up there as one of my favourite ‘feel better’ movies.

-15° today – and not much to love about that. Plus, trolls on my teacher blog. Why do people like to be mean behind the cloak of internet anonymity? Obviously, little is anonymous on the internet and unless you use an IP scourer, I can tell where your messages have come from, right down to the house, sometimes. Not much to love about trolls.

So what do I have to love?

♥ Monsieur Noireau who acts like he has always been here and is a clear part of the furniture now. He was cuddled up next to Moll before. Like when Foxy did it, she suffers it, but she’s very uncomfortable. Bless the Moll. She’d rather be uncomfortable and have others comfortable than move herself. A girl after my own heart.

♥ Steve for making sure the fire is always belting out. It’s just 19° in here – which is warm enough, but it’s been absolutely arctic

♥  fat blackbirds and thrushes

♥ cauliflower cheese

♥ Tilly in the snow yesterday. I ♥  my Popper.

♥ The lack of cars on the road

♥  The beautiful snow

♥  The silence of a house with just a fire blazing, three snoring animals and a couple of quiet boys

♥  Monsieur Noireau spending all night at my side and not getting off if I move, like Basil used to

♥ Soup. Yum. Perfect soup weather.

♥  Friends who have a perfect cat lined up for you when your poor little wee one has to be put down

♥  Vets. I like that at least two of my little girl clients want to be vets or work for Dogs Trust. They’ll make good people. Don’t trust anyone who doesn’t like dogs.

♥ Dogs. I rarely meet a bad dog, but I meet lots of rubbish people. Most animals are better than some people. And we’re supposed to be the ‘civilised’ ones. A dog has never trolled me and made nasty comments about me being a non-entity, that’s for sure. Dogs just tell you they love you.

♥ Spy with that bloke from Smack the Pony and Wolfie Smith. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, give it a watch. It’s kind of like Johnny English but funny.

♥ My dad getting here tomorrow

♥ My family

♥ My brother who often ends his emails with his full name, or Bert if he’s feeling chatty. His real name is Alastair and we call him Bert because sometimes we call him Halibut, which became Haliburt and then Burt before Bert as in Bert and Ernie. I do this to my sister too. She’s sometimes Nappy Girl or Happygirl or Happy Gale or Blabiwhale or Abisnail. She’s called Abigail. I’m the only one in my family without a ridiculous nickname. I like how our combined age is over 100 and we still call each other silly names.

Correction: I call them silly names.

♥ Facebook, because last week I went from posting a blog to having a cat in 19 minutes flat. And you get to see it unroll through statuses and updates and comments. That’s cool. It’s like being able to go to someone’s life the next day and watch the catch-up like you do with a soap opera.

♥ English because we don’t have right ways and wrong ways of saying a word as long as it’s mostly sensible. Scots understand Aussies; girls in Canada understand boys in India; grandmas in New Zealand understand Geordies and grand-dads in Hawaii understand girls in Liverpool. Or kind of. It’s a very forgiving language because nobody really owns it and we don’t have to get our knickers in a knot or our panties in a bunch that people are violating it daily, like the French and Italians do. If you want to say ‘Yis’ for ‘Yes’, or even ‘Yaaas’ or ‘Yus’ or ‘Yeah’, then you can. I say an ‘e’ because I can talk properly, but I understand that some people say ‘yis’ and ‘yaaas’ and ‘yus’ and ‘yeah’ and ‘yeh’ and ‘yah’ and that we all know what we all mean.

♥  crunchy snow and icicles

♥ wearing jumpers

♥ finishing marking GCSE papers. They’ve been fairly pleasant

♥ days so cold there’s no point moving my duvet off the settee because you just know I’m getting right back under there

♥  tea and biscuits.

I could put this doggie on a buttie and eat her up

♥  Tinterweb. How wonderful to teach a client in Finland, send some stuff over to Cognac, send a mail to Ruelle, teach in Plymouth and Vienne and Deux Sevres then tap into the collective big brain of the internet resource box to find materials for future lessons. Science activities about black holes for kids? No problem. Here are 100,000 for you.


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