Kind of Silent Sunday*

* Okay, not so silent, but with some photos.

Strange, huge orange sun through fog

It’s done little but rain these last few weeks – no real warmth, few bright days. Last year, the weekend of the Bande Dessinée festival in Angouleme, it was bitterly cold. I’d wrapped up fairly warmly, but the wind just cut right through us. I don’t imagine it was much different today down there. I stayed inside, by the fire, most of the day. Our front room is delightfully toasty.

The reason for our balmy warmth

I feel like I should start this with a style over-taught by certain English teachers who think it will get their D or E grade pupils a C. It doesn’t. But I feel like I need to do it anyway…

“Do YOU have a wheelbarrow of wood in YOUR front room?

I do.”

To get the full effect of this, you have to say it in the style of a BBC Children’s presenter from the 1960s.

The source of my busy-ness

But on Friday, despite my busy-ness, I finally got to go to Rouillac market for … new chicken ladies!

Rabbit Auschwitz

The ladies arrived from the market and very timid they are too. They are very quiet, very timid and very nervous. I don’t remember the Simpson Ladies being so shy. Mostly, they need ushering out of re-purposed Rabbit Auschwitz and haven’t gone very far from the door.

With the added security of the full door, no holes in and out, in the courtyard a good ten metres nearer to the house and the dogs, I’m hoping no hungry fox takes a liking to my little ladies. They all seem so small compared to the Simpsons and there doesn’t seem to be a boss lady. Possibly they were all a bit hen-pecked. Poor girls. We’ve had three tiny eggs so far – so small! Definitely double portions for cakes and omelettes.

I’ve decided on Coronation Street as their naming inspiration, so welcome Vera, Mavis, Rita and Betty. I’d thought about Bet (after Mlle. Lynch) but they’re not at all flamboyant enough.

Escape to Victory

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