Ah, the diversity of me!

Today, I am going to give you an insight into what I have been doing. Just in a list. The French don’t like versatility. They’d prefer you knew everything about something, not something about everything. But I don’t care. I’ve never been able to decide on any one thing I like to do more than any other thing. So here’s been my day:

  • a wander and a look at the garden, note the weather and the temperature and check on Rustica¬†for what jobs I need to do in the garden (= junior botanist, amateur farmer and lunatic. Literally)
  • preparing a lesson with a fabulous card sort using one of my textbooks (=writer and teacher)
  • playing Snakes and Ladders to learn the verb vouloir with a French family going on a road trip to America. Come on… who doesn’t use Snakes and Ladders to learn verbs?! (=overgrown kid and girlie swot/crazy linguist)
  • looking at a menu I filched from Dublin (=casual thief of linguistic props)
  • pretending to be a waitress in an American-style diner (=frustrated actress)
  • trying to explain what the hell corned beef is without making it sound evil (=inadequate linguist)
  • a promoter of the wonders of piccalilli (=advertising and marketing)
  • professional examiner and teacher (=new client, trying to impress)
  • writer (Social Media for Idiots)
  • oyster researcher and content writer (=jack of all trades writer)
  • recipe writer (=frustrated Masterchef final 100 contender)
  • translator of words I don’t even know in English about bikes (=bike know-it-all)
  • finding books to read with a seven-year-old French speaking English girl (book seller/librarian)
  • blogging (=my home from home comfort zone)
  • blogging about other people’s vehicular incidents and accents (=social commentator/person who doesn’t have a life of her own)
  • working through sample papers online (‘Professional’ examiner, contrary to the DT’s smear campaign)

And tonight, Matthew, I shall mostly be knitting, eating tea and watching a bit of Life on Mars. Now don’t tell me life is boring!

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