An hour in the garden

I got my first seeds of 2012 in the garden and in planters yesterday – my broad beans and my peas. I’m not normally so eager except for the fact that I follow the Rustica timetable and that said plant broad beans and peas, so I did. It was not so much fun digging in the patch today because it was all muddy and claggy (there’s a good Northern English word for you, Wendy!) I dug some little trenches and dropped my seeds in. Hoorah!

My January seeds

It all feels a bit more ‘routine’ now. Jake is back at school today. I am getting stuck in to work and back in to gardening. My routine will be back to normal. Wednesdays aren’t very normal because Jake is off school. Steve spends his Wednesdays trying to entertain Jake from the moment he gets up. Today, Jake was building an internal combustion engine. I say Jake and I mean Steve. I stayed out of it.

Tomorrow will be up, dogs out, cat arrives, dogs get excited, feed the cat, water the dogs, sort the bed out, get the kettle on, wash up, make the drinks, take Jake’s breakfast through and wake him up, sweep the floor, sort Jake out for school, drink my brew and then finally, when 9:00 comes and the school bell rings I can settle down and start planning my lessons for the day – and, joy of joys, before that, read my RSS reader which brings all the lovely blogs to me so I can spend half an hour enjoying people’s accounts of life in France or people’s craft stuff or photographs. Honestly, I don’t know what I’ve been doing between the dogs out/cat in/coffee bit and the RSS reader bit, but it’s been taking me to a leisurely 10 o’clock and I’ve felt incredibly slothful. 10 o’clock is almost time for lunch!

I’ve got a whole load of lovely teaching as well at the moment. It’s varied, including multiple languages – Spanish, English, French – at multiple levels – 5 year olds to 50 year olds. None of the 20 GCSE students I used to have from January to June, who mostly had very similar materials and very similar content… Now it’s from The Three Little Pigs to discussing how you pronounce Gloucester, from habla espagnol to parlez vous francais and then odd bits of university essay planning alongside my mainstay of GCSE, now only two solitary students. Love it!

And when lunch has gone, gardening is done, appointments are over, after tea has been made, I sit down with my knitting. I’ve also found a board on which I can stretch paper so I can start some water-colours and ink. Some bits of this routine make me feel awfully productive!

I’ve also re-used my tile signs. I got 50 broad beans in and 50 peas. I also planted up a couple of indoor planters with beans and peas. Last year, I didn’t have enough. Only a handful. Unfortunately, I wasn’t here for the time when they needed picking out and leaves curtailing so they’d get productive with the beans. This year, I plan to be here, so it won’t get left to rack and ruin. I want a bumper crop of broad beans and peas! I’ve already been through about 10 kilos of shop-bought frozen peas. Will this year bring me more than a handful?!

Last year's tile signs

My feves and serpettes guilloteaux are ready for service. I might put a cloche screen over them to give them a bit of a boost. Last year, those in the polytunnel and those started off in pots inside. Last year, I didn’t note the dates I planted them, but the peas were out by the 5th February and the beans by the 28th January. Seems funny that we’d had our first crop of peas by April! Admittedly, those were in the polytunnel. This year, the tunnel is for nothing more than a nursery with things already in pots. It’s so entangled with convolvulus that I need to cover it in a thick layer and let the stuff die off for a couple of years. Nasty thing!




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