New Year, new stuff

I like to have resolutions and I like to look back at the end of the year. I’ve done my looking back – what I hoped for from last year and working out what worked well and what didn’t work so well. Now I’m onto looking forward. Of course, I’m guided by my list of stuff from the previous post and shan’t regret anything, achieved or not.

I quite like a blog I’ve been reading recently about having 1,000 new experiences in a year. I like this but I don’t think I’ll be able to manage 1,000 in a year mainly because I do much of the same stuff and I live a very simple life. To do 1,000 things that are firsts or unique demands a very stimulating place to be and to be honest, I think I’d struggle in Tokyo to do 1,000 new things in a year. I might aim for 100 new experiences. And I’m starting yesterday! I did a lot of new stuff yesterday and doubt very much that in the next month, I’ll do as many as I did in that one day!

And my ‘resolutions’ are more of a ‘to-do’ list… so some I’ll get through, some I won’t.

1. Do some appliqué stitching on a design. I have something in mind!

2. Knit some socks

3. Make something in patchwork, even if it’s very small

4. Knit a hat

5. Knit a cat costume

6. Finally get back to water-colour painting. Have paper. Have stretching tape. Have paints and brushes. Have no board. Grrr.

7. Do more art

8. Listen to French news more

9. Read 10 more books in French

10. Grow a wider variety of stuff next year and don’t sow the whole packet!

11. Finally have some success with carrots

12. Paint the front wall and build a small herb garden

13. Make tin-can planters and tea-light holders to hang from the trees

14. Finish painting the gate!

15. Render the outside wall of the lean-to

16. Add some lean-to art

17. Finish painting the lean-to window frames

18. Make curtains for the lean-to

19. Find some cheap chairs to renovate for lean-to sitting

20. Paint the rest of the laundry lean-to

21. Sort out the doors in the laundry lean-to

22. Sort out the floor of the laundry lean-to

23. Fit some shelves and curtains in the laundry lean-to

24. Paint the laundry lean-to shutters

25. Paint the ceiling in the dining room

26. Paper the dining room walls

27. Make curtains for the dining room and the living room

28. Strip and re-paper my bedroom

29. Paint the window frames in the bedroom, the kitchen, the dining room and the living room

30. Sort out the entrance way

31. Plant leeks, parsnips, turnips, swede, broccoli, cauliflower, cabbages, potatoes, tomatoes, lettuce, gherkins, melons, peppers, chili peppers, corn, peas, beans, borlotti beans, broad beans, courgettes, pumpkins, squash and plenty of other things

32. Get my perennial garden going and sow some aqualegia, some dicentra – lots of other flowers in my virtually flower-less garden

33. Make a pillow-case lounger

34. Turn Jake’s room into a craft room

35. Get my sewing machine set up permanently

36. Get some more chickens

37. Fox-proof the garden, and César-proof the hedges

38. Make a display out of some of my travel treasures

39. Learn to crochet

40. Make bunting for the garden

41. Plant two new fruit trees

42. Organise a party for my 40th Birthday… it will be here, on the 15th December, 2012. Clear your diaries, book a room with me! I WILL have the best-laid birthday feast, I promise!

43. Repurpose Steve’s old bed in the garden. Oh will you see!

44. Work on the ‘small steps’, petit à petit, l’oiseau fait son nid…

45. Make some more bird-houses (you’ll see those too!)

46. Get busy with the festivating and make lots of home-made ornaments. This year’s were a winner!

47. Propagate succulents

48. Have 10 hammock days

49. Finally get over to the Cote d’Argent

50. Make my feet look nice again

51. Add a little loveliness to my life every month

52. Spend less than I earn

53. Make a start on the cabin as it transforms into the most amazing uber-kitsch stopover point for anyone who wants to stay in it

54. Paint some more t-shirts

55. Make 10 completely new recipes

56. Go inside the chateau at La Rochefoucauld, instead of just looking at it from the outside

57. Document my village on camera

58. Document La Rochefoucauld on camera

59. Go to lady lunches with friends

60. Learn two new recipes off by heart

61. Read two more Dickens novels

62. Read some Victor Hugo in French (one of my 10 books!)

63. Plant a rose bush

64. Spend a day in Limoges

65. Go down to Rocamador

66. Go on 10 new long walks

67. Have a proper picnic with a proper picnic blanket

68. See a French film in a French cinema and laugh or hold my breath in all the right places

69. Go to see something at the Carmelite music hall

70. Celebrate 14th July in France this year – first time since I was about 8!

71. Do 100 blog posts

72. Join our local library

73. Go on a 30 km + bike ride (and I know the exact route!)

74. Bike ride at least once a week

75. Scan all my non-scanned images and back them up

76. Do at least one vide grenier

77. Go to at least five vide greniers and spend less than 10€

78. Paint the kitchen blue and re-tile the back wall

79. Put some shelves in the kitchen and make a cute under-sink curtain to hide the storage!

80. Make a big tote bag (I’m such a child of the 70s… I’m sure my mum had a huge tote bag she made herself!)

81. Go to two festivals I’ve not been to before

82. Make macarons of my own

83. Knit some super-cute leg warmers

84. Upcycle a really cheap piece of furniture into something really, really gorgeous

85. Try three more French cheeses to add to my repertoire

86. Try Pomerol

87. Not end the year with a white tummy and body and brown arms, legs and head

88. Wear a hat when gardening

89. Learn more than the basic functions and stitches on my sewing machine

90. Paint some pebbles. You’ll see!

91. Can more and freeze less

92. Start an art journal


Stuck now.

I’ll have to come back to this. How on earth did that guy find 1000 things to do??!


6 thoughts on “New Year, new stuff

  1. Anyone who found 1000 new things to do in a year sounds like a twitcher, and someone who had a slave who took care of real life.

    Under sink curtains are not cute…oh…I see you are a child of the 70s…never mind….:-)

    We enjoyed the chateau of Rochefoucauld. Have you been to the chocolatier at the bottom of the hill?

    If you make something from patchwork, please do not use tiny florals cut into hexagons.

    Is the cat costume for the cat or for you??

    1. Susan, it was a man who did 1000 things. And men sometimes have girls who will let them do such a thing. Such is life. And my undersink curtains will make you rethink your view 😉 I have been to the chocolatier once – it’s got a café with it now, which is beautiful as it overlooks the river, although it seemed very empty! I’ll maybe put having a summertime lunch there on my list! The cat costume is for my sister’s cat. It’s a special order. After that, I plan on making costumes for all of my animals. I think it will brighten up their day!

  2. I’m stealing some of Lj’s new years resolutions! I’m going to take 50 and 52! Also I’d like to see 43 done while its still needed and in use lol AND I think 48 needs to be raised to at least 20! We’d like to come and help with some of the rest if you’ll have us?!

    The comment above about the cat costume made me laugh, please make matching ones for you and Mr Fox 😀

    1. Deb, I would very much enjoy your company as you well know. Boys included! I’ve a million things they can do and see. Steve’s old bed isn’t the one he is currently using, and my plans would mean that he can’t sleep on it but I appreciate the sentiment.

      I’m definitely making cat costumes and when I get new chickens, I’m making them shawls at the request of Joanne!

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