Much Love Monday

I didn’t have Much Love last week since the chickens were killed. Not a day for Much Love. I’m still sad about that. It wasn’t a Much Love week last week, but hopefully I can make this week into a Much Love week… I can try!

  1. I ♥ my Mum. Her birthday card for me was beautiful (I’m going to scan it later and I’m definitely framing it to keep) and I wore the gorgeous jumper she bought me all yesterday and I might wear it for the next three months. It’s SO me. Much Love for Mums because Mums like mine are brilliant. ♥
  2. I ♥ my Sister and I ♥ my new furry slipper boots. Have only taken them off to go outside.
  3. I ♥ my brother and his Christmas card to ‘French Sister’. He’s funny and I ♥ his girlfriend Lisa too. She’s got a big heart and although he likes to pretend he’s the Scarlet Pimpernel she forgives him. He better make it up to her because she’s a diamond.
  4. I ♥ my Nana because the jumper she gave me for my birthday is BEAUTIFUL.
  5. I ♥ all the people who sent me birthday wishes and loves. Just because you’re 39 doesn’t mean it doesn’t matter any more and though we shouldn’t need one day to make others feel special, at least it’s a start.
  6. I ♥ the Tilly Popper’s little snores. When you’re all alone in the dark, just knowing someone is there is always a good thing. You can’t always see them, but they’re still there. That’s the thing about families and animals. Plus, you can put a dog on a lead and keep it in your room so foxes don’t eat it which you can’t exactly do with a chicken. Well, you can, but they don’t like it. And I just hope Mr God or whatever was just looking out for some poor foxes who were starving. We’re all Mr God’s creatures. Poor Chicken Ladies.
  7. I ♥ the return of the river and the return of some sun. I feel like I’ve had 3 weeks under a blanket of gloom and I hope nobody got flooded too badly or their electricity wasn’t cut off too long.
  8. I ♥ having RSS reader deliver up stories every morning from interesting people’s blogs… It’s nice to feel like you share in something, even if you are an outsider and it’s also nice not to have to wade through the mire of misery. When will we all play nice?!
  9. I ♥ the approach of New Year. I love New Year. It feels like you get to start afresh, even though you know you can do that any time, and the nights start getting shorter, the days get longer and you can remember that it WILL warm up eventually. Plus I can start planting my seeds ♥
  10. I ♥ growing stuff and I JuSt CAN’T wAiT to get planting… Whooooo hoooo! It’s only a month and I’ll be planting like mad!


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