Not out of the woods yet…

There have been horrendous winds round these parts. It has rained for the best part of three weeks (and the water company just HAVE to send a €200 bill right now, don’t they??!) and according to Steve, the river has come back. Last night, I thought the windows were going to come through. It’s been windy enough to blow the horns off cows, as they say round these parts, and raining spears and ropes.

It’s not particularly cold, but we’re going through wood like nobody’s business trying to get dogs/clothes/boys dry. Steve’s room is down to 10 degrees, mine to 13. But with my double duvets, bedtime fleeces, socks, hot water bottles and shawl, I’m warm enough. In fact, it’s so warm it makes me not want to get out of bed because I know how cold it is out there.

It has been a shit, shit week. The chickens were all abducted – the only thing left were feathers, and though there was no blood, no bits of chicken left and very few feathers, it was clear what had happened. Couple that with two HoooooooogE bills, a couple of other payments needing to be made, wood running out, trying to weed in the pouring rain, it wasn’t the best of birthdays. Grrr. Luckily I had plenty of birthday wishes to cheer me up. Steve bought me a set of books in French about wine, so I can try to impress people with my knowledge of Pomerol. I’ll never be able to afford to drink it, but I’ll know about it. That happens a lot in my life.

Whether it’s the dark nights, or the pathetic fallacy of all this wind and rain stirring up emotions, whether it’s delightful companies sending you whack-off great big bills when you’ve been SO frugal, chicken feathers and no chickens, be gentle with me. Sometimes, I feel like running outside and yelling at the sky.

But I think the universe would send a single magpie to shit in my eye, so I will stay inside and hope that the wind doesn’t blow the roof off the house.


4 thoughts on “Not out of the woods yet…

  1. Sympathies. We are flat broke too, with a large bill looming over us and a few smaller ones (which need to be paid to people we know, so that’s always delicate). I’m very sorry to hear about the hens. Life will sort itself out though – it always does. The difference in comfort levels and wood consumption between this year and our first is massive – insulation rocks! I’m making onion soup for lunch – satisfying and economical. As I’ve no doubt your neighbours say to you as they did to us – peu en peu l’oiseau fait son nid – and it’s true. Take one little bite sized bit at a time, never be afraid to be poor, network like mad and things progress positively.

    1. You are so right, Susan. And the bills will get paid – it’s not as if it’s stuff we haven’t used, it’s just so annoying to get two huge bills just before Christmas. These little things are sent to try us! Luckily, a freezer full of this year’s goods is a fitting reward for all my hard work and if nothing else, I have 20 cakes in there, about 50 kg of tomatoes and about 20kg of fruit. There are worse things that could happen, I’m sure. Thanks for your words – they gave me just enough of a bump to put my grey-tinted specs away!

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