Not so silent Sunday…

Some Sundays, I’ve just got to get words out. I am not a Trappist monk, after all. But I have photos for you 🙂

I went to Moulin de Tin Tin in St Junien this week, just to drop off the fabulous Living Poitou-Charentes magazine. I’m going to post a picture because it is too cute. I need to find one first, though.

I love Moulin de Tin Tin on many levels. First, I bought some inexpensive gifts for various ladies in my life (and had a discussion with the French shop lady about why the word for mother-in-law and step-mother are the same) and I mooched, getting ideas. I love their bookcases filled with old French hardbacks. Brocante and vide-greniers next year – I await you eagerly! Plus, I’ve got about 200 fabulous ideas of what to do with old pages from books. Wait and see, my dears, wait and see.

I love the kitchen-y bit and I love the bed bit. I mainly love the bed bit because of beds like these:

Beautiful bedhead 🙂

I so love the toile de jouy bedhead and base, but it’s far too posh and big for my little French house, so something more simple would be much more appropriate. Besides, I have toile de jouy dreams of my own. It doesn’t mean I don’t love these beds though 🙂

Love the lace covers. Pink and lace - just so lovely!

Moulin de Tin Tin lady laughed when I said that if they ever need live-in security, I’ll be it.

I think I love the pink and blue patchwork bed covers the best, though. I still want to do a couple of quilts, especially a winter themed one.

I love this pink and blue patchwork!

But the patchwork and the toile de jouy weren’t my only inspirations:

How cute?! Definitely making these 🙂

But the thing I want the most (Mummy, you can make me one of these, surely??! xxxx) is this patchwork armchair. I was telling Grace at Equilibre Naturellement in Rochechouart and she was laughing at my covetousness. I w-A-n-T this chair:

Sorry it's a bit blurry - I got too giddy to hold the camera straight

But these haven’t been my only inspirations. Of course, it’s Christmas coming (I’m making my Christmas playlist right now. Can I put a month’s worth of songs on it? I guess I’ll try! Can I get a day’s worth of Boney M on there? I think so! I’m loving Feliz Navidad. It reminds me of Christmas in the Caribbean!) so I’ve been getting festive. Firstly, I’d seen a ladder-inspiration. I know. Sounds weird. Looks great!

And when I was wondering aloud on my Anglo Info blog about my wreath (already planned. Browns, bronzes, golds, pine cones and ribbons) a lovely lady gave me the idea for a tricolore wreath. I know it looks a little 4th of July, but I love it. I bet you didn’t know you could decorate a ladder! 3€ of the cheapest baubles out there and I’ve got this.

Too gorgeous festive, French style.

Except I gave myself a rather vicious hand cramp tying these baubles on. Bah. How I long for HobbyCraft. Cultura is good, but it’s just not THAT good. Dunelm, HobbyCraft, I miss you! Mine’s not quite so beautiful, but it’s definitely rustic glam!

You couldn't spend 3€ more festively!

I’m going to be doing my wreath today… I’m too excited!

When I’ve done my month-long playlist, I’ll post it for your enjoyment… but if you feel all Bah Humbug! You’d better stay away from me for the next month!


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