Monthly Archives: October 2011

Finding my bliss…

Yesterday, I read a piece about some butterflies and it reminded me of the simple bliss that I find every day, so here’s my list…

Finding some bliss...
  • when the chickens come running
  • when the chickens sit on the window sill and watch us and we’re like chicken television
  • watching the chickens chase butterflies
  • warm nights in bed
  • Tilly getting all giddy to be awake
  • knowing that Tilly knows what petting is about these days
  • Tilly trotting in to bed
  • cold floors when you’ve got hot feet
  • unexpected bursts of sunshine in October
  • watching my freezer fill up
  • watching the butterflies dancing in the asters
  • picking out seeds for next year
  • going to little festivals where a display of enormous pumpkins is about all to be seen
  • seeing a lovely, weed-free patch of soil and knowing the effort that went in to it
  • reading a good book on the hammock in the later afternoon autumn warmth
  • bright blue skies
  • watching a flock of birds dive and swoop over the fields
  • seeing an old lady in a pinny and a huge straw hat and hob-nailed boots
  • old-fashioned stuff
  • baskets of apples
  • apple pies
  • apple crumbles
  • all things apple!
  • huge pumpkins
  • working out a complicated knitting pattern
  • sharing a little something cool with friends who get excited about it
  • quiet Sunday mornings when the only sound is the snoring do
  • collecting seeds
  • starting on new, exciting projects
  • cycling in the sunshine
And not on my bliss-list… mosquito bites. It’s October. Go and hibernate or something.