Some days…

… when I’m feeling like this:

I like to play a little of this:

Today, I’m off to England, then Galway, for a family extravaganza. It’s to celebrate our friend’s 40th birthday. I can say very little about Mossy other than his tragic life is always amusing, not least when he sent a love letter to his daughter’s primary school teacher, which as legend has it, he’d sprayed with aftershave, and the time he kidnapped his dog back from his ex. I love Mossy, even if he is very annoying. He always has meat about his person, unwrapped, in a very unhygenic fashion.

Spot Mossy's meat... he always has some about his person

My brother and sister are also coming. I love my brother and sister with my whole heart. In fact, I’m surprised there is room in my heart to love anything else. My brother once went through a child-sized play tunnel in the Early Learning Centre just to cheer me up. The sight of a six-foot-odd man going through a tunnel designed for children definitely made me laugh. My sister is the best person I know at cheering anyone up. She’s a nurse and if her business is caring for people, she’s at the top of the tree.

Abi, Sophie - our step-sister, and me.

Add to this my brother’s girlfriend Lisa, who I’ve not met yet, but seems like the most lovely person on the planet, my comical brother-in-law who always makes me laugh, even when he’s being miserable and a couple of his friends and I know it will be the well-needed laughter break I need. Galway better be ready for us!

My brother in law with some mini-quiches

Apparently, it is going to rain. I don’t care. That’s just an excuse to sit in the pub and tell stories and have a laugh. If nothing else, the conversations that happen between us eight will be enough to bring the sun out, if not physically then certainly metaphorically.

I know that these people help me make sense of this mad world and “I’m not going to let stuff get me upset and I won’t let the little things (or the big things) get me depressed.”

I love my family 🙂


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