No TV? You know what it means when there’s no TV? No MTV!

To be fair, we have a television and we often watch downloads, but not having a television does free you from certain routines. For instance, we usually watch a whole series on one go now, missing out all the adverts and breaks and waiting. And it doesn’t go on until at least 8:30 pm and it’s off before 11:00. How virtuous we are!

Well… how virtuous I am. Steve has all manner of ex-pat IP shields that mean he can watch BBC iplayer, ITV, Channel 4 etc. My computer is so slow it won’t keep up with anything beyond words and a few pictures. He makes up for not having television by watching Cops and other such illuminating stuff.

Anyway, this joyous liberation has led me to be able to be free with life and with the onset of winter and long evenings, I’m back to the knitting. Rural France has a lot of wool shops. I can only think of John Lewis from which to order wool in England. Rubbish. I’m down with the knitting. I wish I had a stitch & bitch group. Although I’m not down with the bitching. Unless it’s about politics. Maybe I should have a stitch and politics group. Don’t laugh. Knitting is the new black.

Long evenings and no TV and no channel hopping in search of something across 700 channels that is interesting mean that all kinds of productivity takes place in the evenings. It’s all good. Whether it’s writing, drawing, painting, knitting or cooking, it definitely leaves you with more time when you’re not attached to the remote.

I used to go into this strange MTV trance. I’d start on MTV and work my way through the music channels, vainly hoping for something interesting to come on. When I found something after 10 minutes of +, +, + and -, -, -, it was invariably half way through and at the end of the song, when something crap came on, I’d be forced to + + + – – – once more. I’d do this for a good hour or so, just in a complete trance, hopelessly believing I’d find something good to watch. Youtube has revolutionised this. Add a playlist, add your favourite video tracks and off you go.

Playlists and youtube and spotify and downloads mean I’ve got about 23 hours of spare time more a day.

However, this means I have been trawling t’interweb in search of patterns. I have lots of favourite sites. My favourite right now is Drops  and I’m starting on a ballet-style wrapover cardigan. I used to love ballet cardigans. I might also start some legwarmers now I have invested in a circular knitting needle. Oh how I’ve moved on!

I am addicted to knitting, and if you don’t see me for a while, you know why.


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