Absolutely bone tired…

… so much that my fingers won’t work properly and I bet my brain isn’t either. I wrote that brian, so I know my fingers are tired.

Mostly this is because I was having a very bad dream and I woke up at 5:30. There was a strange dripping noise outside, it was hotter than hell in my bedroom and I was sleeping with the enemy – a mosquito who has been siphoning off my blood willy-nilly these last few nights. I lay awake for a bit and decided to go to the toilet. I’m 38 and have old lady bladder.

Then Fox decided it was food time, so any hope I had of going back to bed and going to sleep was not going to happen. I was wide awake.

I spent a good few hours writing – working on a little something that I’ve got up my sleeve – and by the time Steve and Jake got up at ten, I’d probably done three or four hours or so. Then when the rain stopped, I went out side for a bit of digging. I ended up clearing half of the brassica patch and built up such a sweat I’m surprised there was anything left of me. Apparently, it looked like I’d stuck my head in a bucket.

After that, more writing. I wonder sometimes at this notion of ‘writers’ block’. The words can’t come out of me fast enough. My fingers can’t go fast enough. I’m trying to do a million things at once. I’ve got all sorts of formatting things going on and about a hundred windows open and everything’s beginning to take shape. Just.

I know I’ve got a million jobs to do – there’s still a hell of a lot of weeding, still a hell of a lot of writing to be done. I’ve got to get my arse in gear tomorrow, because it’s hotting up again, and the soil was so damp and lush to dig today that it surely will be back to its usual hardened self by the afternoon. Write or weed? Write or weed? I wish I had two of me. I’ve got pears and peaches and tomatoes and courgettes and potatoes to sort out for the freezer, and I’m wondering how all of it will get done. Bills to pay, shopping to do – and I just know tomorrow isn’t going to be long enough. Please God, let me wake up tomorrow and there be a neat and tidy version of me standing at the end of the bed waiting to go. I want a me for the kitchen, an inexhaustible me for the garden – a me with good knees and a me who is sweat-free and burn-proof (I’ve got a nice line of sunburn across my back!) and I want a me to do some designs and a me to write and a me to do research and proof-read. A me to go shopping and pay the bills and a me to pick the rest of the pears and tomatoes.

Anyone got any good ideas on cloning?? And if you do, can you let me know how I can make a bit better version of me?

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