Got a little creative streak on me

I’ve been semi-seriously contemplating doing screen-prints and hand painted t-shirts and selling them via something or other, like etsy or a market. I used to make a few bob back in the day painting leather jackets, when that was the thing to do – and had a little advert in Kerrang! and everything. It kept me in eyeliner through uni – and I always enjoyed doing it.

Tesla album cover for some guy down south

I did a few like this Tesla one. I like this one the best, I think. It was one of the more complicated copies I did, though I hate the leather jacket. Brown leather jackets were not so rock and roll.

Mine - a bit knackered and beaten up

Mine was my sample ground. It was painted on so many times the paint cracked a bit, and then I’d paint some more. I did all sorts on it. Bits of lyrics, photos – I had a painting of a grave angel – Pandora Peroxide, of course, lyrics – like Forever Free and the front cover of the WASP single. I really got into Roger Dean’s artwork and did lots of fairly surreal fantasy stuff on it. You can tell what I’d be like as a tattooist – I’d do all kinds of practice on whatever bit of skin I found – mainly mine – and whatever bit I could get on to, I’d ink. My right arm would be bare but the front of my legs and my left arm would be covered. It wouldn’t be good.

Ironically, when I was having a lot of trouble with one 16 year old girl in school, I took this in to show her. She was amazed. At the end of the day – she’d been punished by being with me all day – and what a punishment that is. That makes you never want to be bad again – she said ‘Miss… you are one punk-ass bitch!’ – It was the best compliment I ever received.

Anyway… for Steve’s birthday, I did this:

God I'm good

I know he likes the skull designs – and he’d been designing mandalas since October – so I went for a kind of mandala thing. I like a flash of colour in b&w – hence the coloured bit.

Anyway… for Jake’s birthday, I did this:


Which turned into this:

Base colours in

And ended up looking like this:

final product

Although to be fair, next time I will do it with all transparent colours – I like them better. I think the red was transparent and the blue was opaque and it wasn’t quite as good as I wanted it to be. I finished it off with some ‘bubble’ paint which puffs up – and I must admit, I was impressed. I did think I might do some more – just kind of play around. I had a lot of fun doing them.


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