Back in the saddle…

… or trying to be.

So today’s post-a-day – if you could own one thing you don’t currently have, what would it be?

I guess nothing tangible or material. I’m perfectly happy with my material possessions. I’d always like to travel more, but it’s not ‘one thing I currently don’t have’ and I’ve hundreds of things I wish I owned, but know I’ll never have:

  • an ability to have my buttons pressed and say ‘meh’ rather than going off the handle
  • an ability to back down
  • an ability to stay away from other people’s battles
  • an ability to see an underdog and thing ‘that’s nothing to do with me’ and walk away
  • an ability not to get incensed by stuff
  • sanity
  • the ability to speak perfect French
  • a true grasp of the fact that life isn’t fair and therefore the ability to accept it and move on.
I’m sounding like I need a little Buddha in my life. To be honest, to say I don’t need anything material when I’m poor as a church mouse is evidence of my usual state of being. I have a few things I’m precious about and would be bothered if I didn’t have them, but by and large I think moving has removed many vestiges of consumer longing within me. Move to a foreign land and you’ll soon realise that you have to give stuff up. And the more you give up, the less painless it becomes. I can see how people end up giving everything away. The real stuff I value, relationships, things I’ve learned, people, memories – that’s the stuff you can’t buy and you can’t keep hold of even if you try.

One thought on “Back in the saddle…

  1. I’m with you on the possessions thing, LJ…I have all that I need! I often can’t back down from a fight either, especially if I’m fighting for someone else!


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