What I don’t understand is…

  • why when women clean up around men, they’re seen as trying to make a point about how lazy the men are and how dirty the house is, but when men tidy up around women, they’ve probably done something wrong and are feeling bad about it?
  • why when a woman moves the seat closer to the steering wheel, it annoys men who drive after them as if to say their shortness is very frustrating when really they can still drive, albeit with their legs round their ears and women can’t drive AT ALL when men move the seat back?
  • why when women say a smart thing it’s seen as being something to laugh at, but when men say a smart thing, everyone has to bow down at their wisdom
  • why when women leave a lawnmower full of stuff, it’s because they’re ‘lazy’ but when men do it, it’s because they’ve not finished. Even if ‘finishing’ might occur a few months later.
  • why when women leave a job unfinished (usually because they’ve had to go and do something else for a man!) it’s because they’re incompetent, but when men leave a job unfinished, they want congratulating for having done a bit of a job in the first place
  • when men finally put pots away after washing up they do it in such a way that truly demonstrates their complete lack of knowledge about where stuff goes and even though it still needs re-arranging, they want congratulation.
  • when men go shopping for the week, they come back with only a pack of rawl-plugs, a giant pack of crisps, some toffee crisps and a roll of marzipan but when women go shopping, picking up everything for the entire week, they are berated if they forget a single item.
  • when men spend the day on the Internet, they’re ‘researching’, but when women do it, it’s a ‘waste of time’
  • why men like cushions and comfort but go mad about any money spent on said items
  • why when men read it’s seen as growing their brain, but when women read it’s seen as wasting time they could be spending on making tea
  • why when women leave the butter out of the fridge after spending two hours making a Sunday roast, they are berated for it as if they are the messiest people in the world
  • why when there’s no coke left because the men have drunk it all, it’s seen as the woman’s fault for not getting more in
  • why men expect adulation for doing chores and would quite like some kind of podium or ceremony with champagne and definitely would like a trophy, but women would just like  a cup of tea making.
  • why it’s okay for a man to spend £400 on a  new flat-screen TV that you didn’t really need, but if a woman spends £20 on a new toaster because the old one is as temperamental as Etna, it’s seen as a colossal waste of money
  • why it’s okay for men to spend every single spare penny on ‘man-toys’ that will last until the new man-toy is available on the market but if a woman spends £15 on a lipstick that will last 20 years, it’s seen as something terrible
  • why women spend extra cash on their children, family or loved ones and men spend any extra cash they find on themselves
  • why men have fetishistic hobbies like train-spotting or plane identification or coin collecting and if women collect stuff it’s seen as junky dust-collectors

As the quote perhaps erroneously attributed to Ginger Rogers, when asking for a raise and comparing herself to Fred Astaire:

“Darling, I do everything he does, just backwards and in high heels.”

Such is a woman’s life!



4 thoughts on “What I don’t understand is…

  1. Looks like Steve needs some training or is he too far gone?

    However, I agree with the Flat Screen TV v Toaster debate. Flat Screen everytime, you can always put bread under the grill to toast.

    Made me chuckle this piece, nice one.

  2. Steve is certainly not the target of this piece: all men are, from birth to decrepitude! Except my father. He does the cleaning, cooking, washing up… I watched an old French couple yesterday… they must have been in their eighties. She was picking up stones and he was standing at the side, micro-managing. By micro-managing, I mean doing nothing whilst his dear wife did everything.

    Besides M. Richon who does everything for his wife, my Gramps and my Dad… every man I know is guilty of at least one of these queries!!

    1. Not selfish, just ‘ego-centric’ I think … it’s amazing how many of my female friends sent this as a link to their husbands… Whatever happened to the new man? 🙂

      I jest. If women weren’t so bossy and controlling, most of these would probably disappear, but then we’d be living on a diet of marzipan. But I find it very difficult to tolerate men who are helpful. I confuse it with being a wet blanket and thus make a rod for my own back. I like being the head of all things household.

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