The beginning of the busy season

I can’t believe I moved here for a quieter life. It doesn’t feel like it’s going to be quiet for the next few months. For a start, I’ve been spending a good hour or two in the garden every day, as has Steve – and it’s only just beginning. I seem to spend all my time scurrying about in between appointments, mopping floors, sweeping (which is infinitely better than vacuuming!) washing, cooking, shopping… And it’s going to get busier – though only in good ways!

Firstly the Aged P is arriving with The Bother tomorrow – Steve’s picking them up since I’ve got back-to-back appointments all day. Then at an undisclosed time in the future, Steve’s daughter Jasmin and grandson Dylan will be arriving – which is a much-anticipated event around here. I can’t wait to see Dylan again! And I can’t wait for him to see all the animals. Steve will be working a little, I will be on show-and-tell duty and we’ll have a houseful for a week. Then Jasmin departs, my mum arrives for 3 days (hoorah!) and then it’s a run-up to my Nana’s 80th birthday party. Even more hoorahs. By that time, my dad and the whole entourage will be here to celebrate my Nana’s birthday. I’m very excited.

I just had my marker confirmation as well – looks like I’ll be back in England for much of May and June – sadly. I’m working out ways to minimise it as best as possible, but it’s all good cash and we need as much of that as we can get. Will I really be able to trust Steve to water my turnips? It’s a big leap of faith.

It feels like I’ve got a lot to prepare for and a lot to get done.

I’ve also got a bit of work to do with a company in Angouleme, so I’m busy preparing materials for that. I’m really putting my all in to it. If they lead, others will follow. Soon, all Angouleme will cry my name. Or something like that. A legend in my own lunchtime.

It’s the kind of language training I’d like to do myself, so I’m pretty pleased with it. I’m sitting here poring through Paul Ginnis’s Teacher’s Toolkit.


4 thoughts on “The beginning of the busy season

  1. “Aged P” and “The Bother”? Do tell! All my children could be called “The Bother”…I would have to attach numbers to tell them apart!

    Hope you get through your busy time, and that Steve remembers to water your turnips!


    1. The Aged P is my father. I’ve renamed him in honour of Great Expectations on account of him being 60 last year. And The Bother is my brother. All brothers are one letter away from bothers.

  2. I seem to recall the Aged P in Great Expectations being at least 90. My father was not amused at being called the Aged P, which is why I call it him on account of it being the first time since he wore very small speedos in Mexico that I’ve managed to get my own back. A man of a certain rotund stature shouldn’t really wear speedos. As my Uncle Brian would say ‘you could see his love eggs’ – and when your 65 year old uncle says that about your 60 year old father, a little revenge is required.

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