Aren’t boys amazing?

Sometimes, the boy can be very funny. Sometimes, he makes me laugh. Not always, because that wouldn’t be natural, but just sometimes.

And a moment I knew would come came today.

In fact, two moments like that came.

The first was Jake telling Steve that Miss has asked him to read a book in class next Friday. Apparently some of the other kids have been saying that Jake can speak French. Not much of a secret, except to him.

First off, he’s been saying “Tais toi!” (shut up!) and then when Steve asked him what this meant, he said something that it really wasn’t. On purpose. So now, he knows French and he’s fibbing about what it means. Second, he’s then adding other things the teacher says, like “tais toi et retournes toi!” and when I said what this meant he said, “Shut up and turn around!” I’m liking the boy’s growing French.

Second, he made Steve sound like a real old dad before. Steve has officially passed into old-man-dom. On the xbox, firmly Steve’s domain, it said ‘LS’ and ‘RS’. When he was having problems and asked Steve, Steve said ‘Left switch and right switch!’.

“No, Dad… it’s Left STICK and Right STICK!”

It’s terrible when children know more than you do.

A separate but also good event was that my bank, the subject of many a rant, have reimbursed me for my patience yesterday. Thank the lord for small mercies. Maybe it was when I said that loan sharks have better rates and that I’d only owe them my kneecaps and that would be that. Thanks, Bank. I love you really. I promise not to compare you to the Krays ever again.

My mum said I was bolshy in my blog yesterday. Sorry, Mum!*

*This should be said like Peter, from Come Fly with Me, when he says ‘Sorry, Judith!’

If you haven’t seen Peter and Judith, I love them.

This is my favourite ever bit and if I think of Peter’s little face when he says ‘Sorry, Judith!’, it can make me laugh until I’m crying. When he says the voodoo tribe ripped his kagool, he’s just so… English! I love it when Judith says ‘And if I know Peter, he would have found it deeply degrading’ and he adds ‘I was banging away until dawn’.

In some small way, they remind me of my music teacher, Judith, and her husband – mainly because of their names, but also because of just how very English they are. I love their cardigans and I love how diplomatically he says ‘I would!’ after a bit of thought about going back to his ‘Holiday from Hell’ where he was forced to impregnate the virgins of the village. In fact, Judith reminds me a bit of myself in complaining and speaking over people and being bossy. I love how she ‘looks into having Peter put down’ when he got rabies in Columbia and how she recommended Peter for eating when their plane crashed and then when he shows his prosthetic limb, she says ‘Stop feeling sorry for yourself, Peter!’


One thought on “Aren’t boys amazing?

  1. “It’s terrible when children know more than you do.” Welcome to my world, LJ! You know it’s bad when your twelve-year-old is helping you with computer stuff!

    Best of luck!


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