Calamity Jane

I’m liking the sun. However, I have been unable to reveal any part of my body since I am covered in wounds. My legs look like I have some kind of disease and my arms look like I have been slowly suffering the death of a thousand knives. My hands are dry and my nails are broken. Such is the life of a peasant.

I try and keep my legs protected when digging, mowing, chopping etc – but nothing protects me from jumping dogs.

And nothing protects me from my own clumsy self.

Today, I rode into La Rochefoucauld, since it was sunny and I’m trying to conserve petrol. I just about managed it, sprained ankle and all. But going down the road in front of the bank, the road is narrow, there is a lot of super-fast traffic and I got myself a bit trapped in a gutter. Not only that, but I braked too hard in front of the post office – got more grip than I thought and nearly went over the handlebars. To stop myself having a complete disaster, I fell sideways into the road. Bah.

English people are soooo uncool.

Luckily, only my pride was injured – and I don’t have much by way of pride.

A couple of people ran over to my aid, but I wasn’t hurt. I just picked up a couple more scrapes to add to my collection. At this rate, my legs will be tanned long before they are scar-free. If they are ever scar-free!


2 thoughts on “Calamity Jane

  1. I feel your pain, LJ…I’m wearing a knee brace as we speak because my bad right knee has felt weak for the last few days. My left knee is bruised from whacking it into my desk.

    I’m only about a quarter English…the rest of my ancestry is German…go figure!


    1. Ouch! I seriously despair of mine. I’ve come to terms with not being able to run 100 k like I used to do every week, but it’s still tough to walk now it’s so painful. I feel about 90, not 38!

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