The coat-tails of Winter

If Autumn is the season of mists and mellow fruitfulness, then Winter is the season of biting winds and bitter emptiness. It’s the season of departure and loss. TS Eliot was wrong: April is not the cruellest month.

Still, Spring has been threatening to arrive for a while – and never more so than when the first daffodils and blossoms arrive. It might be only the ornamental plum near the door, but it’s some small comfort after our season of loss.

But I’m planning on my flower garden. I’ve done my veg for a week – potted 10 more tomatoes up, moved some peas on and now it’s time to think of joy, not just function. My aquilegia seeds are in, I’ve got stocks all coming up and my petunias are fine. But it’s not enough. I want some more. I’m looking through various seed catalogues at perennials; I’m not a fan of annuals unless they’re self-seeding – too hard work!

So… here’s my wish list:

  • foxgloves
  • agapanthus
  • delphiniums
  • cornflower – centurea
  • evening primrose – oenothera
  • oriental poppies
  • scabiosa
  • verbascum
  • achillea
  • dicentra

I also want a perennial herb garden. Still, I’m loving this time – slow as it is to warm up a little more!


2 thoughts on “The coat-tails of Winter

  1. Love the photos…is that the ornamental plum?

    I want to try an herb garden again this year…tried to do it in a giant clay pot on the deck last year, but the squirrels wrecked it!


    1. It is… although at only 5 degrees today, it’s feeling a little more Canada than France… Winter keeps giving signs it’s disappearing and then coming back again. I think I might go out with a big stick and shake it at the clouds!!

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