A little tribute…

But of a musical jukebox for anyone who understands how music sometimes says more than words. I used to sing a song to Basil, especially when we were on the way to the vets…

My boy lollipop:

And here’s a little song for Saffy:

Such a lovely song… I really hope she did have the time of her life.


Now I need a little music to cheer me up, so here are my top 5 ‘cheer you up’ tracks… I make no apologies for cheesiness. I have a tendency to use music to reflect my mood – and whenever I get a bit too Leonard Cohen, I listen to these five. They were my most played on my ipod (before it broke through sweat!!)

Here’s the first… Build me up Buttercup, by Busted and McFly! Apologies to anyone who loves the Foundations… that’s just the way I roll!

Track number two is Hippo and Dog singing In the Jungle, which reminds me of a certain Belgian girl in Brazil. It’s a great ‘feel good song’ anyway, and having a happy hippo sing it is genius!

Track three is a real joy… if you love Cool Runnings, you know why:

Track four is a bit related to that… nothing like reggae to make you feel a little happier:

Track five is my ultimate feel good band… you can’t feel bad listening to this band. They’re safe in a way that you can’t always trust a band to be, when you’re emotional!

I used to have days when I was really depressed, back in 2008 when I couldn’t get off the couch or out of bed. I used to start with the first one and see if I could manage to do 2 minutes of picking stuff up, or two minutes of brushing my hair or getting dressed. As I got a little better, it was all five. Some days, I was back to just one track. But it was a good way to get me off the sofa. As I got even better, I got the list up to 15 tracks – half an hour’s worth of moving about.

Just out of interest, my other ten feel good tracks are:

Guillemots: Made-Up Love Song #43 (and if you want to know how I feel about Steve (mostly!!) this is it!) It reminds me of the magic in life… Now there’s poetry in an empty coke can… Now there’s majesty in a burned-out caravan! He is my best friend. I love him as if he is my family. And this pretty much says how it is for me. Not the ‘I love you, I don’t think you care’ bit, although last night, I felt a little like that! Ankle sprain aside, I never heard a man moan so much about doing my chores! He even said at 10:30 last night, when he needed to let Tilly out, “I only sat down at 9:30!”

Dinosaur Jr: Freak Scene. Such a good song. Don’t let me fuck up will you, because when I need a friend, it’s still you. Genius.

Bob Marley: One Love

Rihanna: Umbrella

The Holloways: Generator. Little known band, top song. I love the video, which is a sad clown who is rescued from sadness by the band and this happy little song. I’m not going to let things get me upset and I won’t let all the little stuff get me depressed.

The Kings of Leon: Fans. For those days when you need a little whoo-hoo-hoo in your soul.

Broooce: Dancin in the Dark and Born in the USA. Stonking rousing tunes.

Faith No More: Easy. I know it sounds funny, but I can’t stand the pain. Girl, I’m leaving you tomorrow. Seems to me, girl, you know I done all I can, you see, I begged, stole and I borrowed… but he’s easy, easy like Sunday morning.

And finally – Queen Somebody to Love.

This is my prescription for feeling a little bit better. And if you feel like listening to my playlist, here it is. Dr LJ to the rescue with a whole load of music that helps you get things in perspective.


4 thoughts on “A little tribute…

  1. Made Up Love song…that use to cheer me up on my down days a few years ago.

    “the best things come from nowhere, I can’t believe you care”

    Love it.

    1. Yep – such a great album. I saw the Guillemots live a few years ago, and I have to say, hands down, they were the best band I ever saw live. How you recreate all that odd wall of sound on stage is anybody’s guess… small audience and great atmosphere. And such a good song to make you feel a little more joyous.

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