The end of winter approaches…

… Although we still have frost on the car – but not on the ground. Does this count as a frost??!

Anyway, my leeks are now little blades like grass. My polytunnel peas are about 3 leaves big. My inside peas are about 5 leaves big and coming on to be re-potted. I planted some more peas today. Can’t have enough peas! Both Alicante and Gardener’s Delight tomatoes are ready to be pricked out. Gardener’s Delight have been the easiest to grow. Either the begonias or petunias are right. The broad beans are coming up in the pots and the polytunnel. My cauliflowers have shown a couple of leaves’ growth. Red cabbages are beginning to take. Savoy cabbages are coming up. So far, no gherkins, no sweet peas, but some achillea and some stocks.

I dug over some of the potato patch today, ably assisted by the hens who got underfoot like you wouldn’t believe. Fox ran away this morning and didn’t come back til night, but Birdie stayed around most of the day.  I’m going to double dig now and double dig later once the weeds think I’ve done it once so I won’t do it again.

Buds are starting to fatten on the fruit trees. The bamboo is putting out green leaves. The peaches are starting to put out leaves. Pretty soon, things will be out of control once again.

And I’m loving it.

My only wish was that it wasn’t raining!

p.s. anyone who wants the password for the next post only needs to ask. It’s just me ranting. 😦


One thought on “The end of winter approaches…

  1. So jealous! I ordered my seeds last week (I’m going to try growing leeks for the first time…love leek soup!). We’re getting another 20 cm. of snow tomorrow…getting a little tired of snow!


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