Butterflies, daisies and lengthy February days.

Today, I saw a red admiral butterfly, sunning itself on a patch of daisies. Not an uncommon sight in England. In June.

The chicken ladies have taken to going in the polytunnel and dust bathing. It must be nice after a cold, wet week last week to be able to roll about in the dust. I quite fancied doing it myself. The polytunnel is gradually filling – I’ve started putting in some of the sweet peas under glass too. I’d quite like to have a hammock in there so I can lie down and warm myself just like the chickens.

Molly has been lying on the lawn sunning herself. She only does her ‘flat-out’ pose in front of the fire unless it’s really warm, so it’s nice to see her start her spring time sunbathing. Basil came out and sunbathed behind the grange in his usual spot, lying on the warm grass.

We have 10 hours of daylight today too – and though there was thick fog until 11:00, by lunch-time it was 10 degrees and it has got warmer and warmer as the earth breathes out as spring gets a whole lot closer.

Leaves are easy to rake, soil is easy to dig. The temperature is delightful. I am a happy girl.


4 thoughts on “Butterflies, daisies and lengthy February days.

  1. 10 degrees? Is that normal in France for this time of year? It’s -2 here and snowing like crazy…we’ve got a long way to go before dogs are sunning themselves on the grass (there’s a couple of feet of snow to melt away first!).

    Glad you’re feeling better!


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