New shoots

There’s been a warm spell over here (Cold snap doesn’t work well as warm snap! Must be the snapping only happens in the cold!!) and yesterday, it was 15° and sunny all day – a little colder at night, of course, without the cloud cover. And… before I continue, hibernation is due to continue from next week when we’ll be back to fires and oil heating… BUT….

Our lean-to has got its pots

And the polytunnel has its first growths (must keep the chickens out of there!!)

So stuff has decided it’s spring!

So far, I’ve planted leeks, begonias, petunias, tomatoes and peas – although we’ve got some chillies and sweet peas on the go too. More leeks and tomatoes to be planted this week. It’s so exciting seeing new growth emerge. I’m such a nature geek!

2 thoughts on “New shoots

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