I officially ♥ knitting

I’ve nearly finished the gift that I’m making – though I’m keeping it under wraps until it is complete and the receiver has it in their hands. After this, I’ve decided to make a poncho. I like a poncho, 70s as they might be (well, I’m  a 1970s kid myself, so ponchos-a-go-go) and whilst I haven’t found a pattern I like, I’ve decided to make my own!

I’m going for 8 squares, front and back – 16 in total. I shall measure it out afterwards and then work out how big it needs to be (though I like ’em big!) and I’ve decided to go for multi-coloured squares which I’m going to piece together. If I were more ambitious I’d go for cabling and fancy stuff, but I’m not ambitious so I’m just going for something simple. I’m going to knit the edge three stitches and purl all the insides, do three knitted rows on each side, to kind of ‘frame’ it. I’ve not decided on colours yet – depends what’s going cheap and what there’s a lot of – but I can’t wait to finish the gift to get on with the next knitting!

The world is my oyster and I am its purl.

Do you like what I did there?


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