All things leek

As well as my broken toilet….

I’ve been able to do my first seed sowing of the year – leeks. I’ve planted 50 Autumn Giant leeks, which should be ready between 30 – 45 weeks – almost next November!! I’m going to start these off for a couple of weeks and then follow with 50 Musselbough leeks. I figure if half come to fruition, that’s a leek a week! I like the symmetry! I’m also going to start off some tomatoes, petunias and begonias.

It’s fab to be able to start planting. Lunar gardening site says all systems go; weather is mild if wet and I’m hoping I can keep this up all year!

It was so mild today, we walked the dogs in our jumpers. Rained a lot though – most of the morning.

EDIT: the dogs weren’t in our jumpers, we were. Terrible confusion!


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